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  POWER Shareholders TGK - 4 have approved the transaction with Archivo Ltdΐκφθξνεπϋ Open Society “ the Territorial generating company Ή4 “ (TGK - 4) at extraordinary meeting have approved the possible future transaction on participation minoritarija Archivo Ltd in dopemissii the actions, placed for attraction of investments. Archivo, owning 17,03 %, became shareholder TGK - 4 in the end of October. The company represents interests of fund Prosperity Capital Management. Prosperity already repeatedly declared intention to participate in the repayment dopemissii in which course it is planned to place 29,6 % from increased authorised capital stock TGK - 4. At the same time the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “ wants to sell state block of shares TGK - 4 - 23,5 % from the increased authorised capital stock. From securities it is necessary to gain nearby 18 mlrd roubles (or a $700 million order).
In TGK - 4, registered in April, 2005, 11 branches, including in the Belgorod, Voronezh, Kursk, Lipetsk, Oryol and Tambov areas enter. The established electrocapacity - 3,32 thousand MVt, thermal - 17,62 thousand Gkal/ ch. In the near future to TGK - 4 the Novomoskovsk state district power station will be attached. The Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “ 47,3 % of an authorised capital stock belong. Investment fund Prosperity Capital Management is based in 1996, operates actives more than on $4 billion the Basic power actives: on 19 % of actions in TGK - 4 and TGK - 6, 27 % - in TGK - 2, 13 % - in “ MRSK the Center “ and also about 10 % - in “ MRSK the Center and Privolzhja “. “ Interfax - the centre “ Konstantin Vladimirov

  INVESTMENTS RASKO distances tax poblazhkuvoronezhsky steklotarnyj factory (VSZ), Open Company branch “ Russian American glass company “ (RASKO), in 2007 - 2008 wants to direct on reconstruction of the first line of manufacture of 392,5 million roubles. The Voronezh regional Duma has included the investment project in the program of economic and social development of region on 2007 - 2011. VSZ, in particular, it is released from taxes to property for the term up to five years, and the rate of the profit tax arriving in the regional budget, decreases to 13,5 %. Predictably, after reconstruction of a line the enterprise leaves on capacity of 457,6 million glass beer bottles in a year. Payments in budgets of all levels will make 36,6 million roubles.
VSZ has been opened in 2002 on the basis of not involved areas of Open Society “ VELT “. Three There work steklovarennye furnaces on empties release. The factory delivers the production to Russia and the CIS countries. Group RASKO, according to Advertology. ru, occupying about 9,5 % of the domestic market, has occupied from Volgo - the Vjatsky Savings Bank of the Russian Federation 1,5 mlrd roubles on manufacture modernisation to increase capacities of factories in the Voronezh and Vladimir areas on 15 % - to 1 mlrd bottles in a year. “ Interfax - the centre “