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Bloody oflajn
American Thomas Montgomeri is sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment for murder of fellow worker Bryan Barret, and the passion which has flashed in a breast of the murderer thanks to a dating site became motive of murder. Montgomery has got acquainted through the Internet with 18 - the summer Dzhessikoj living in other staff with whom has fallen in love without memory. 48 - the summer worker has concealed the age and a trade, being called 20 - the summer marine who is waited by sending to Iraq. Dzhessika which was called actually by Marys Shejler, too strongly underestimated the age and gave out for the photos of the 18 - the summer daughter. These is that photos and Thomas Montgomeri`s wife who as it was found out, was accustomed has intercepted to swarm up the computer of the husband. The angered woman has sent Shejler the letter in which explained to the girl That its network admirer is married and for a long time was too old, in which accept in marines. Unfortunately, Mrs. of Montgomery has given Shejler of co-ordinate Bryan Barret with whom her husband worked at one factory that it could enquire about her husband independently. Barret, certainly, has confirmed Dzhessike that its friend is not for whom itself gives out. After that the history of bloody revenge has begun. Thomas Montgomeri has overtaken Barret on factory parking place and has let out in it three bullets. Soon the murderer has been arrested and has appeared before court. Judge Penni Wolfgang, a pronouncing sentence, has shown known softness as the public prosecutor demanded for the murderer of 25 years of prison. Such softness, possibly, spoke that judge Wolfgang has considered all this history result of misuse of the Internet and the Montgomery - an unfortunate victim of high technologies.