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hearings about the death of the Russian political joke going in 1990 - e years, have appeared premature. With Vladimir Putin`s coming to power process of creation of jokes with political implied sense considerably became more active, and Internet distribution has made this process by even more intensive. Now, when the continuity of a course of the leaving president is provided thanks to results of parliamentary elections, the quantity of jokes about the head of the state, laid out on the Internet, began to grow promptly. First of all the Internet has managed to incorporate jokes in a classical format of a joke on topic of the day. So, the latest hobby of our cinema tataro - the Mongolian subjects has found reflexion in the joke which has appeared on a site www. anekdot. ru . In this joke on Putin report that writer Prokhanov, the prose writer has come. about zaek it is not necessary to us, - Putin answers. - and about khans let writes . The word combination " became a powerful stimulator the Internet - ostroslovija; Putin`s plan acquired numerous ironical comments in which the slangy word meaning " is beaten; the plan : marihuana. And in one of blogs (volodymir - k. livejournal. com) there was a photo of the thick book in leather cover, on which gold vytisneno: " V. Putin. Mein Plan - obvious sending to Hitler`s book Mein Kampf . There were also other graphic jokes using collages, the edited photos or even the photos deprived of any retouch. So, the known picture where half-dressed Putin goes along small river in Tuva, was slightly podretushirovan: over a head of the president jokers - blogery have added a nimbus so it has turned out, as if it, like the Christ, goes on water. And here with social advertising against AIDS it was not necessary to retouch a photo of a board, because the slogan Abstention, Fidelity, Condom itself developed in gross national product abbreviation. Jokers needed to add only pair of words about doubling of this abbreviation. Still nelepee the poster " looks; an United Russia from a city Cockerels with the slogan Cockerels vote for Putin . The Same it is possible to tell and about a photo of the poster with the slogan Putin`s Plan - a victory of Russia where on a place of first two letters in a word a victory the hole gapes.