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RMK leaves on stock market

Yesterday some details of carrying out IPO for Russian copper company (RMK) became known. It is planned that public placing of actions will occur in 2008 - 2010 when company capitalisation will reach $6 billion Thus on sale will be exposed to 25 % of actions that will give the chance to involve to $1 - 1, 5 billion Analytics specify that the company has missed optimum possibility for placing of actions as in the middle of this year the record rise in prices for copper which then was replaced by reduction of prices and falling of a share price of the copper companies was observed. Yesterday vice-president RMK on economy and the finance Maxim ShChibrik has informed agency “ Interfax “ that the company plans to spend the first IPO in 2008 - 2010. Banks - organizers of placing of actions, also as well as platforms where can take place placing of actions, are not chosen yet. “ besides foreign platforms stock exchanges in Russia and Kazakhstan " will be considered; - the vice-president of the company has added. During IPO, as he said, the company plans to involve $1 - 1, 5 billion By words a press - secretary RMK Alexander Khanin, means will be directed on building of new mines and is mountain - concentrating industrial complexes in the Chelyabinsk area, and also development of metallurgical manufacture.

Joint-Stock Company “ Russian copper company “ - the third on size the manufacturer of copper in Russia from shares on the refined copper of 20 %. Vertically integrated holding uniting 11 mining and metallurgical enterprises. Works in four regions of Russia (Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg, Novgorod), and also in territory of Kazakhstan (the project “ Kazahmys “) . Following the results of 2006 of enterprise RMK have made 164,1 thousand tons of cathodic copper, copper katanki - 100, 33 thousand tons against 86,48 thousand t. The consolidated net profit of Russian copper company in 2006 on MSFO, according to preliminary data, has made $141,977 million the Basic shareholder of the company businessman Igor Altushkin is. According to branch experts, RMK has already missed possibility most favourably to spend IPO. So, analyst IK “ the Prospectus “ Dmitry Parfyonov has told that the middle of this year was optimum time for placing of actions in stock market. “ RMK was a bit late with placing as falling of actions of the copper companies has begun a little, and it is probable that this tendency will proceed and next year “ - he marks. Among the reasons on which there was a decrease in share prices of the copper companies, mister Parfyonov names unreasonable overestimate of the prices by exchange speculators, an event earlier. Analyst IK speaks about falling of actions of the copper companies " also; finam “ Denis Gorev. “ the Basic driver are the prices for copper which from the middle of 2007 have decreased about $8 thousand for ton to $6 thousand “ - he specifies. However the analyst does not exclude that the rise in prices for actions is still possible, as as the factor influencing the world market of copper raw materials, demand of China for copper which will increase is. An analyst of company IK “ Brokerkreditservis “ Oleg Petropavlovsky considers that in the near future the prices for copper will to remain stably at level of $6 thousand for ton. Thus it positively estimates prospects of placing RMK. “ “Uralelektromed“ (enters in UGMK) Now takes place, its capitalisation estimate in $580 million, but this estimation is caused by “closeness“ of the company, as well as all structures entering in UGMK. If there will be a large open copper company on liquidity of actions I estimate prospects highly “ - the mister Peter and Paul has explained.

as analysts consider, as platforms for placing the company can use both Russian, and foreign stock exchanges. “ in Russia there will be a big liquidity of actions whereas in the West they will more fairly are estimated, as there there are the companies specialising on copper raw materials “ - Dmitry Parfyonov has noted. In IK “ finam “ as more probable variant name Traditionally London stock exchange.

Anna Ponomareva, Chelyabinsk