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The court of Noyabrsk has not got down to business

Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor JANAO has demanded to discharge of a post of the mayor of Noyabrsk Nikolay Korobkova accused of excess of powers of office. However the city court has refused to consider yesterday this petition in essence and has directed it to higher instance that it has defined, what court will make the decision. In Office of Public Prosecutor consider that it is connected with dependence of court on the city authorities, but on a progress of the case, inspectors hope, this decision should not affect. Criminal case concerning the head of Noyabrsk (JANAO) Nikolay Korobkova has been raised in May, 2007, and in August accusation on ch has been brought to it. 2 items 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Excess of powers of office ) Also the preventive punishment - a subscription about nevyezde is selected. As earlier wrote , criminal case has been raised after planned public prosecutor`s check financially - mayoralty economic activities. Auditors have established that the head of administration in 2004 has signed the order, according to which property MUP Teplovodokanal and MUP Electric networks it has been withdrawn from the property of these enterprises and it is transferred in Open Society rent energo - Gas - Noyabrsk (is engaged in electric power distribution, 49 % of actions belong to administration of Noyabrsk, 51 % - Open Company energo - Gas registered in Tarko - Fat). According to the investigation, Nikolay Korobkov had no powers individually to solve this question as the municipal duma should accept the decision on transfer of municipal property to commercial structure. As a result of actions of the head of Noyabrsk, under the version of the investigation, MUP Teplovodokanal Has stopped the activity, workers of the enterprise have been dismissed. By estimations of inspectors, the damage to the city budget has made 10 million roubles.

the day before the investigatory committee has directed to city court the petition for Nikolay Korobkova`s discharge from a post of the mayor. However in department did not begin to make comments on the decision. Nevertheless, assumes a source , familiar with the criminal case course, the given requirement of inspectors is connected with probability of that mister Korobkov can affect an investigation course, holding of a post of the city head.

yesterday the judge of city court of Noyabrsk Sergey Chegodaev has begun consideration of the given petition. Mister Korobkov on session was not - from it the telegramme with the request has arrived to postpone petition consideration because it is on treatment in Moscow (about the departure he has warned in advance a consequence as is under a subscription about nevyezde - ). However, according to the assistant to the chairman of regional court Vyacheslav Ivanov, session nevertheless has taken place, but the decision in essence and has not been taken out. the court has decided to direct this petition to higher instance - district court that last has made the decision on jurisdiction of this business, that is has defined, what court will consider the petition of Office of Public Prosecutor - he has noted. However to explain that became the reason of such decision, in court were at a loss, only having noticed that the court does not make comments on the decisions after removal .

Has refused to clear a situation and the lawyer of mister Korobkova Victor Favourite. I am not authorised by the client to make comments on something on the given case - he has noted and has switched off phone. Sources in district Office of Public Prosecutor consider that the taken out judgement only has shown dependence of court on the city authorities. This simple transposition of responsibility on higher instance to avoid the direct answer to a question - whether there is a communication between city court and administration of Noyabrsk - have noted in department. However inspectors are assured that it in no way will not affect a course of investigation which already comes to an end.

it is necessary to notice that mister Korobkov already the second mayor of Noyabrsk in which relation criminal case is investigated. So, in April, 2005 Office of Public Prosecutor JANAO has begun criminal prosecution of the predecessor of mister Korobkova, eks - mayor Yury Linka whom accused of excess of powers of office. As confirms a consequence, it has illegally transferred 12 million the roubles intended for acquisition of habitation to citizens under the social program Dwelling in the business concern order which founder was his son. In August, 2006 this criminal case has been transferred in city court of Noyabrsk where it is now considered.

Igor Lesovsky