Rus News Journal

Calendar on December, 4th

In Vladivostok Lenin court holding in custody term to the mayor Vladimir Nikolaevu discharged of a post accused of excess of powers of office.

in France the Parisian corrective court has appointed the beginning of hearings on business of the younger son of the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy, Jean.

from December, 4 till December, 8th on island Langkavi (Malaysia) will pass the International aviation and sea exhibition Lima - 2007.

In Moscow the arbitration court has postponed consideration of the claim of Open Society Vympelcom ( a Biline ) To Federal Agency of supervision in sphere of mass communications, communication and cultural heritage protection (Rossvjazohrankultury) about a recognition void results of competitions NN 4 - 7 on delivery of licences for services of cellular communication GSM.

In Voronezh the arbitration court of the Voronezh region will consider case about Open Society liquidation a shinnyj complex Amtel - Chernozem region (is a part of holding Amtel - Fredeshtajn ) .

on December, 4th and 5 in Moscow conference " will take place; Advancement of production and industrial function services .

In Moscow in hotel the President Hotel conference " will take place; Security Invest - 2007 .

In Moscow there will pass rewarding ceremony Kandinsky`s Award .

In Russia on air of the First channel there will be a new cycle of animation miniatures about cities of Russia.

in Sochi (Krasnodar territory) the organising committee of winter Olympic games - 2014 should be definitively generated.