Rus News Journal

Also what now?

Readers the Authorities make comments on results of parliamentary elections.

Irina Khakamada, co-chairman of Union of Right Forces. I Hope, defeat will mobilise Union of Right Forces and the Apple . And we at last - that will unite. It is sometimes better to lose to understand the errors.

Anatoly Lisitsyn, governor of Yaroslavl region. I Hope, the Duma will start to change the Constitution. Without strengthening of statehood and regions will not be. It has ripened for a long time, the main thing - to show political will.

Ella Pamfilova, chairman of the Commission of Human Rights at the president of Russia. I do not think that absence of the right will strongly affect quality of the Duma. And can, this crash means, what it were pseudo-democrats?

Andrey Ananov, general director of the company Russian jeweller art . That well ?! Anything terrible, and those to whom the order is not necessary are indignant. The authoritative power but only such and it is necessary was now built.

Dmitry Ayatskov, governor of the Saratov region. the Duma now will be quiet to pore over laws which the state needs. And persons on duty will cease to run now on a hall, voting for shirkers.

Victor Yerofeev, writer . revival of Russian intelligency and interest to classics Now will begin. Interest to a policy will die away, and leaders again become Chekhov, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.

Tatyana Tolstaja, writer . the Country stagnation waits... the Policy of the power and mass-media is directed on entertainments and people depravity.

Valery Novodvorsky, party leader the Democratic union . the Country has betrayed freedom because freedom it is unworthy, and has chosen fascism. Khodorkovsky`s business will follow still a victim, will begin witch-hunt . natsional - the socialism will cease to hide now the instincts.

Dzhuletto Keza, the Italian journalist. I think, now Chubays and Kasyanov are doomed. Most likely, they will not agree. And in the rest will change nothing. Therefore in the West should be quiet.