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Representatives of brotherly parties have hotly met Stalin`s performance with a greeting to brotherly parties. In this greeting Stalin has told: to you, companions, it is necessary to study not only on our achievements, but also on our errors . It very much the important statement is means that Stalin admitted that we had errors. I personally think that if Stalin lived, it would act with the self-critical report. Some say that Stalin was already sick in XIX congress. It, on - to mine, incorrectly. I saw that over congress Stalin supervised, the project of the report of Malenkov was discussed under the chairmanship of Stalin at Presidium, amendments were some times made. I remember, when I have asked Stalin why he does not do the Central Committee report, he to me has told that it is necessary to put forward young, let grow - here Malenkov as the secretary of the Central Committee will give the report. There and then he has added that he spoke earlier to us, several members of Presidium. I, - have told Stalin, - in general I consider that after 70 - summer age supervising companions should leave from a direct management; they can be advisers, but not managers . Directly after congress Stalin supervised over Plenum of the Central Committee and after it - Presidium work. It prosecuted large subjects of the regenerative period. I remember, how it has caused me and has told: At us the enormous destructions, all our plans and promises will be broken, if we do not decide the main task - to give building materials. Cement works, glass - them it is necessary to restore, give glass, cement, a roof, a brick and other. Therefore I suggest to appoint you the minister of building materials. What do you think of it? I, of course, have answered at once that agree. Such examples it is possible to result much... In connection with the invention in the West new atomic weapons Stalin especially was engaged in development of manufacture of this weapon at us in the USSR. It has placed in the service of this business all of us - members of the Political bureau. It is necessary to tell that directly Berija, Pervuhin and others were engaged in manufacture. But personally Stalin supervised over this business. I am assured that each objectively conceiving Soviet person will tell, should tell that, despite taking place errors, Stalin has made so much Great power for growth of the Soviet state created by Lenin.


on December, 10th, 1952

Shortly before the termination of an exit of the American newspaper Dejli a compass in it there was a series of articles of the former editor of magazine Nejshn Charles Allen - younger which has given the description of one of the concentration camps which are under construction in the United States. Federal management of prisons in the beginning of this year has received instructions quickly to create first six concentration camps. Camps are under construction in the different ends of the country - in Arizona and Pennsylvania, in Florida, Oklahoma and California.

// EVENING Moscow

on December, 11th, 1952

Discussions on creative questions - an unusual occurrence in life of the Moscow union of the Soviet artists. During the last years mossh has not managed to adjust discussion of actual creative problems in wide ranges of artists. With that great interest the art public has met the discussion organised recently by board MOSSH about vital conflicts in fine arts products. This theme has got the special importance in the light of decisions of XIX congress. in the products our writers and artists, - has told in Central Committee VKP report () at XIX congress companion G.M.Malenkov, - should castigate defects, lacks, the painful phenomena having distribution in a society .


on December, 13th, 1952

Today the Czechoslovak people have joyfully celebrated significant date - the ninth anniversary from the date of signing of the friendship treaty, mutual aid and post-war cooperation between Soviet Union and Czechoslovak republic. In the editorial entitled With Soviet Union for ever the newspaper to Ore the right writes: the Union with Soviet Union, fastened by the contract which anniversary we notice today, and that fact that by an example of Soviet Union and with its constant help we go by a socialism, have deeply changed all our life and have resulted us on new, incomparably happier way .


In our country is on December, 15th, 1952 people - them much which name itself revolutionaries and even lenintsami But which thus sneer at a peace movement. They assert that world war between two worlds it is inevitable. For the acknowledgement the thesis they even quote the statement of companion Stalin for inevitability of wars until there is an imperialism. However can be nothing such far from truth, as the statement of these people. Companion Stalin underlines inevitability of wars in general between the capitalist countries . Companion Stalin learns: the World will be kept and strengthened, if the people take business of a preservation of peace in hand and will defend it up to the end .

Anzhoj Ghosh, the secretary general of Communist party of India