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In Warsaw participants of fan fights

Collision between fans from Russia and Poland are detained has occurred before a meeting of the modular two countries within the limits of a group stage of Euro - 2012 in Warsaw. As a result of 150 persons have appeared are detained. Disorders have been quite expected, experts mark, explaining it is the general negative attitude to Russian in Poland.
almost 150 football fans are detained on Tuesday in Warsaw. According to local police, all of them were instigators of scale fight before a match Russia - Poland. Before the game beginning in the Polish capital about 10 thousand Russian fans have arranged a march on stadium. Along the line they were waited by local fans. As a result procession has turned to a series of collisions between admirers of football. Have provoked these disorders Poles, the leader " confirms; the Fifth channel the Novel Kirjuhin who was in a column of the Russian fans.

procession was on the bridge: To the right - to the left not to get to anywhere. The police in a large quantity has surrounded a column of the Russian fans. Any small collisions at the left have started to arise. Poles whence - that broke through this police cordon, cried out any not clear Polish words, on what on five - six kind molodtsev Russian there and then went in retaliatory expedition . People who conducted all this parade, urged not to distract in a megaphone on such trifles, not to allow itself to provoke. But in the middle of the bridge we have seen that ahead of us any crowd waits still. Our fans who do not carry recognition symbols, have apprehended at once such state of affairs, as the invitation. Some tens persons have cheerfully rushed forward, smetaja both policemen, and opponents who waited on this bridge - Kirjuhin has told.

Fights of fans arose on all transit of a column to National stadium. To stop collisions, polices should be applied vodomety. Disorders before this match have been quite expected, the founder of the All-Russia association of fans Andrey Malosolov has declared.

Poles and Russian at present in Europe is a top, it is number one and number two. And who from them the first who the second, from my point of view, our all - taki is more on the first place. But Europeans consider that Poles. But all is faster - taki ours, certainly. It now leaders of football fanaticism, football huliganizma in all Europe. Certainly, Poles - aggressive enough people, and in this championship they use the possibilities practically on 100 % which could use. Certainly, political moment and certain national qualities, national lines of Poles do not allow to say that Warsaw and Poland are territory of love for our fans. Warsaw was war territory - Malosolov has told.

Collisions of fans in Warsaw are actively discussed on the Internet.

According to the official data, in collisions ten persons have suffered: two Russians, the German and seven Poles.

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