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Administration of social network Facebook (www. facebook. com) has been compelled to obey to pressure of clients and to make essential changes to the advertising policy. System Beacon accepted on arms Facebook in November, has been presented public as a new word in to social advertising . As well as in any social network, user Facebook can have friends or friends that is other users who are registered as regular customers of its page. Program Beacon dispatched to all to friends the user lists of its purchases made in the Internet - shops, and last could not forbid to send to the program these lists, and the first could not refuse reception of these lists. Many clients Facebook have been revolted by such state of affairs, and in the end of November human rights organisation MoveOn has become interested in a question. org. The organisation has begun campaign under the slogan Facebook, will suffice to interfere with my private life! also began to collect signatures under the petition under the same name. The petition have signed about 2 thousand users of a social network. The administration of a social network has passed in deaf defence and, instead of entering dialogue with own users, declared that MoveOn incorrectly interprets the facts . In the new protest actions organised MoveOn, have taken part an order of 50 thousand persons, and the company, at last, had to surrender. Facebook declared that users henceforth will acquire the right to solve, whether service Beacon is necessary to them.