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EPK has taken root into the Russian Railway

American Brenco will create joint venture with European podshipnikovoj corporation (EPK) on the basis of Saratov podshipnikovogo factory. The companies intend to let out bearings of cassette type (TBU), the basic consumer becomes Open Society the Russian Railway realising the program of strategic development. In the Russian Railway were not defined yet with volumes of purchases. Swedish SKF, declared the similar project in Russia, considers that EPK it will be difficult to agree with Brenco in the course of project realisation. As have informed in EPK, the joint venture (joint venture) with Brenco on release buksovyh conic bearings of cassette type (TBU) will be created on capacities Saratov podshipnikovogo factory. The maximum capacity of manufacture is calculated on volumes to 300 thousand pieces a year. Investments into the project will make an order $70 million Planned annual turnover of the enterprise - $100 million To supervise process of purchase and equipment installation will be Brenco, manufacture will be carried out also under complete control Brenco with use of technologies of the American company. To leave on capacity 100 - 120 thousand bearings a year it is planned to the beginning of 2010. The joint venture management will be entrusted to one of managers Brenco. From the Russian side employees EPK who will take place training at factories Brenco will be involved in the project. It is supposed that the basic consumer of bearings TBU intended for installation on a modern rolling stock, becomes Open Society the Russian Railway confirmed last year strategy of development till 2030. By this time it is planned to buy 23 thousand new locomotives, 1 million freight cars and 26 thousand passenger. In branch it is planned to involve an order 4 trln roubles. Conditions of partnership EPK and Brenco assume also sale through structures Brenco of bearings of the joint venture to foreign customers. The partnership with Brenco will allow EPK on to leave qualitative other level of production of railway bearings, - the general director of Open Society " has commented; Management company EPK Andrey Tatanov. Is will allow corporation as the strategic partner of the Russian Railway, organically to join processes of reforms .
Brenco (USA) - holding Amsted Rail division, spetsializirujuetsja on manufacture of components for the railway technics. A share in the market of the USA of 80 % (the basic competitor Timken 17). Volume of output - an order of 10 thousand bearings in a week. Financial indicators do not reveal.
European podshipnikovaja the corporation is created in 2001. Includes six enterprises, largest of which on a turn - Stepnogorsky podshipnikovyj factory (Kazakhstan). Under the operative data, turn EPK for 2007 - 10,6 mlrd roubles, profit to the taxation - 1,8 mlrd roubles. Market EPK share in Russia by company estimations - 44 %, a world market share - nearby 1 %. Under the informal data, the company is under control to the deputy of the State Duma Oleg Savchenko.
in a press - to Russian Railway service have reminded that bearings of new mark are already actively used on the railways of Europe and China. we also show a great interest to the newest workings out EPK which is the supplier about 50 % of bearings for the Russian Railway, - the interlocutor has noticed. - As soon as release of this production will be adjusted, we will conduct all necessary technical tests, and only after that we will make the decision, in what volumes them to buy, - in the beginning for repair cargo and carriages .
we Will notice that realisation of the similar project on indicators in territory of Russia has declared in December Swedish SKF. According to the general director SKF On Russia and the CIS Anatoly Usova much in realisation of the project will depend on, whether will find Russian and the American side common language in questions of management the company. as shows our experiment, to find mutual understanding in these questions much easier with European, rather than with the American partners, - mister Usov has noted, - in the course of project realisation there can be contradictions in most EPK as the corporation is an actual monopolist in the market of usual bearings for axle boxes of wheel pairs the Russian Railway . As mister Usov has explained, the decision on release of hi-tech bearings can lead to decrease in sales of usual accessories.
analyst IK finam Konstantin Romanov has estimated capacity of the Russian market in $400 million, in its opinion, pay back the party project can for 5 years. An analyst TsentrInvest Sekjuritis Natalia Sorokin considers that foreign manufacturers are involved the with not so much Russian market, how many possibility of favourable placing of capacities. In its opinion, having received the foreign partner, EPK will fix the positions in the conditions of a competition to the Chinese manufacturers.
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