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Developers stake on skyscrapers

the Moscow company B I. G Development intend to hand over in the beginning of 2008 on a turn-key basis two trading complexes in the Saratov region: TRTS the Skyscraper in Saratov and TTS Azure in Engels. The total area of objects - 77 thousand in sq. m. By estimations of analysts, will make volume of investments into the project not less than $40 million which will pay off during 5 - 9 years. Observers consider the project potentially successful of - for absence of a competition in this segment of commercial real estate, but underline that new objects cannot solve an acute problem of deficiency of modern floor spaces in region. In the ministry of an investment policy of the Saratov region have informed on plans of the Moscow company B I. G Development (Build Invest Group - Building - investment group ) To finish in the first quarter 2008 building in region of two trading complexes. In Factory area of Saratov where live an order of 190 thousand inhabitants, B I. G Development plans to finish building TRTS the Skyscraper the house-keeper - a class a total area of 55 thousand in sq. m. In Engels, a city - the companion of Saratov, is planned to place in operation the first high-grade TTS Azure a total area of 22 thousand in sq. m, on two floors. Federal networks " become anchor tenants of trading platforms; Eldorado the Children`s world the Roundabout Roznitsio House . To sound investments into building in B I. G Development have refused. According to the general director of a management company the Aurora Owning the shopping centre with the same name in Saratov, Evgenie Senko, opening TRTS in region will manage in $40 - 80 million (recognising that in 1 sq. m of a complex it is necessary to enclose $500 - 1 thousand - ). The Time of recovery of outlay of such project, according to mister Senko, will make 5 - 9 years.
the company B I. G Development - the developer company of the closed cycle, creates in bystrorazvivajushchihsja regions of Russia inhabited and commercial objects of real estate with their subsequent sale and operation. The company realised some projects in regions Russian Federations, among which office centre of a class And in Sochi, TTS and a housing estate in Penza. Owners and fonpokazateli the companies do not reveal.

In the regional government consider that it is essential to affect arrangement trading forces in Saratov the new Moscow developer cannot . According to the deputy minister of an investment policy of Julia Vinokurovoj, in Saratov there are not enough floor spaces. In 2007 on one thousand person at us was necessary 350 sq. m, whereas, for comparison, in Moscow - 470 sq. m, in Europe - 600 sq. m . Today in Saratov and Engels all floor spaces are almost completely loaded, and their deficiency makes an order of 250 thousand in sq. m, - analyst IK " speaks; finam Sergey Filchenkov. - Thus TTS occupy only an order of 15 % of the market of commercial real estate for trade, and the basic part of the areas for this segment of business is presented by objects nearby 5 - 7 thousand in sq. m which do not arrange large network ritejlerov, coming to region, the most part franshiznyh projects to a premium - and midl - segments . Zjavlennye anchor tenants will provide profitability of object at level of 20 % and will create inflow of visitors which will be interesting to other tenants - the expert believes. Observers deficiency of modern floor spaces in the Saratov region name a key deterrent in development of retail trade in region. some trading complexes by no means each other will not prevent, for all tenants, including for new federal networks, the place will be - the competition in this market segment is not present - Evgenie Senko has summed up.
Tatyana Nikitin,