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The court has dismissed from Silvio Berlusconi charges in financial frauds

the Italian court on January, 30th has dismissed charges with eks - prime minister Silvio Berlusconi in participation in financial frauds on business of food concern SME. The court has not found crime structure in Berlusconi`s actions on the given case. Business about privatisation SME concerns events of twenty years` prescription.
in 1985 the concern has been sold to known Italian businessman Karlo De Benedetti within the limits of privatisation of state holding IRI. Sale the prime minister of Italy of that time has opposed Bettino Kraksi who declared that other candidates apply for purchase SME, ready to pay larger sums.

among them there was also holding Fininvest belonging to Silvio Berlusconi. De Benedetti has tried to solve this problem through court, but has lost case. And, as the Office of Public Prosecutor, not without the aid of Berlusconi and its employees whom she has accused of payoff of the Roman judges confirms.

Over the last ten years against eks - a premiere a considerable quantity of criminal cases on charge in corruption, private financing of political parties and falsification of the financial documents connected with its numerous companies was initiated. However on one of them the verdict of guilty has not been taken out.

we will remind, in 2007 the Milan appeal court was justified already were by the prime minister - the minister of Italy on the case of corruption. Then the chairman of the court has declared that this crime was not, and it (Silvio Berlusconi.-) did not commit a crime .

Berlusconis, the richest person of Italy and the owner of media holding Mediaset, already justified in 2004. The government of Italy then has passed the law according to which mister Berlusconi could not be prosecuted. But later this law has been recognised by unconstitutional that has allowed to the Italian Office of Public Prosecutor to demand again attraction of mister Berlusconi to court.