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The cities knowing prikup

One of the main events in life of Russia of 2007 happens on July, 4th in Guatemala. This day the International Olympic committee has made the decision on carrying out of XXII winter Olympic games of 2014 in a city of Sochi. Vladimir Putin became the second head of the state after Leonid Brezhnev, won for the country the Olympic Games.
Happened in Guatemala with huge enthusiasm all Russia, but especially - townsmen of Sochi has apprehended. The IOC has answered on a question, what city is the third capital of Russia. With first two - official and northern - all is clear for a long time. And here the title of the Russian city number three remained vacant and who only did not apply for it. But on July, 4th, 2007 in this dispute the point has been put. Has won a city of Sochi. The city with black nights in which, if to trust a saying, dreamt to move any gambler.

amusing coincidence. The Olympic Games of 1980 in Moscow were 22 - j summer. The Olympic Games in Sochi - 22 - I winter. In newly appeared sports capital the poster with chizhikovskim the Olympic Bear and words " was already materialised; I have returned . It is clear that the Olympic Games - 2014 should catch up and overtake the Olympic Games - 1980 in every respect, definitively having put into practice great our dream of Nju - Vasyuki.

in the world many cities which had experience of carrying out of the winter Olympic Games are. Whether have brought to these cities five Olympic rings happiness and prosperity - about it will tell a material in the given heading.