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Kosovo was defined with an Independence Day

Kosovo unilaterally will proclaim independence in a week after the second round of presidential election planned for February, 3rd in Serbia. It will occur under a condition if the leader of the Serbian radicals of Tomislav Nikolich becomes their winner.
If Tomislav Nikolich will win, Kosovo will proclaim independence on February, 9th or 10. If the victory in the second round will be gained by westernized candidate Boris Tadich, Kosovan Albanians, most likely, will wait to a meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the European Union countries which will take place on February, 18th.

the source in Kosovan political circles has noticed that the leading countries of the West supporting independence Kosovo, consider February as the most suitable time for the announcement of an exit of edge from structure of Serbia.

the Leader of the Serbian radical party of Serbia Tomislav Nikolich following the results of the first round of presidential election in the country has typed on January, 20th 39,99 % of votes, having outstripped the working president of the country Boris Tadicha (35,39 %).

on January, 30th Tomislav Nikolich has met in Moscow the first vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and has discussed with it Russian - the Serbian relations, first of all economic cooperation, and also regional problems, in particular, a question on the status of the Serbian edge Kosovo.

we will remind, last week on a visit Moscow was visited also by Boris Tadich. It met the Russian management and participated in ceremony of signing of important power agreements between Russia and Serbia.