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Yakutia has shown to the investment requirement government

In Minregionrazvitija yesterday strategy socially - economic development Republics Sakhas (Yakutia) which should become a part of the program of development of the Far East till 2025 was discussed. On realisation only one strategy of development of Yakutia till 2020 in which are interested “ Gazprom “ “ Surgutneftegaz “ “ a Mechel “ and Rosatom, is required 2 trln rbl. of private investments and 500 mlrd rbl. state. While the project is not entered in existing programs of state investments. Strategy of development of Yakutia on Tuesday in Minregionrazvitija was represented by the president of republic Vyacheslav Shtyrov. The document in 1,5 thousand pages should become a component of strategy of development of the Far East, Republic Buryatiya, Irkutsk and Chita areas till 2025 which president Vladimir Putin has charged to develop in 2007. That by 2020, according to strategy of the government of republic, the total regional product has grown in 2,8 times, population incomes - in 3,6 times and region became completely bezdotatsionnym, on realisation of social, infrastructural and industrial projects it is necessary to spend 2 trln rbl. private and 500 mlrd rbl. of budget money for an infrastructure.
the government of Yakutia plans to realise the basic projects in an oil and gas complex and mining manufacture. So, if now in republic it is extracted 30 t oil in a year and it is used as boiler fuel by 2020 it is planned to increase oil recovery to 12 million t in a year, including at the expense of working out of the Talakansky deposit, and to export it on the oil pipeline “ the Eastern Siberia - Pacific ocean “. Besides, in Lensk the republic government plans to construct NPZ. Similar plans at the government of Yakutia and concerning gas. If now in republic it is extracted 1,6 mlrd gas cubic metre by 2020 it should be extracted 34 mlrd cubic metre, including at the expense of working out of the Chajandinsky deposit. In strategy the republic government expects to export szhizhennyj gas to China.
Vyacheslav Shtyrov including has told about plans to construct four zhelezorudnyh is mountain - concentrating industrial complex (GOK), to start on a total power Elkonsky GOK of uranium ores, to construct three new GOKa on enrichment of gold and to pass to underground extraction of diamonds. Besides, it is planned to construct Southern - the Yakut hydropower complex which by 2020 should develop 4,2 GVt·ch in a year.
among the companies which are ready to invest in working out of resources in Yakutia, “ Surgutneftegaz “ “ Gazprom “ “ a Mechel “ and one of affiliated companies of Rosatom which will be engaged in working out of uranium ores in region. In particular, to involve the private capital at a rate of 2 trln rbl., it is necessary for government of Yakutia to receive 500 mlrd rbl. of state investments on development of an infrastructure which in Yakutia actually is not present. This money can be received or through investment fund at which by 2010 problems with financing will begin, or through FTSP developments of the Far East which financing for today makes only 566 mlrd rbl.
For strategy of development of the Far East, Republics Buryatiya, Irkutsk and Chita areas till 2025 plans in Minregionrazvitija while were presented only by the Irkutsk region, which demand as have told „“ in the ministry, “ makes ten millions dollars “. With the advent of other regional strategy cost of the general program is very heavy for the budget. “ in Russia there is no experience of creation of similar strategy and consequently procedures are created on the move. But to begin with something it is necessary, - the president of Institute of power and the finance, a member of the interdepartmental commission on strategy working out socially - economic development of regions Leonid Grigoriev speaks. - strategy of Yakutia looks terribly ambitious. We will look, as they will turn further, but I think that will receive much “.
Alexey Shapovalov