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The Irkutsk tourist`s zone will appear in a tree

In the concept of a special economic zone (OEZ) turistsko - recreational type with the centre in settlement Big Goloustnoe in the Irkutsk region can be put a principle of wooden architecture on which basis will construct objects OEZ in the total cost more than 15 mlrd rbl. About it the head of territorial administration of Federal agency on management OEZ Vladimir Vaskov has informed. It is supposed that the concept will appear in the end of March. Representatives of local tourist industry are assured that developers of the concept will cope with a task in view in time, however suspect that the idea of wooden architecture in Irkutsk OEZ, most likely, will not have development. Vladimir Vaskov has told about results of the visit which has ended yesterday in Angarski Krai representatives of RosOEZ and developers of the concept of a tourist zone in the Irkutsk region - company Roland Berger Strategy Consultants GmbH and architectural bureau Albert Speer and Partner GmbH. According to mister Vaskova, within two days developers met officials and representatives of local tourist industry for discussion of the concept Irkutsk OEZ. Tour operators have given the vision of a zone. the grandee - Baikal for example, has suggested to provide in the concept of a place for diving, refuellings for boats on Baikal - Vladimir Vaskov has noted. As he said, at meetings it was offered to put a principle of wooden architecture in concept OEZ and on its basis to construct objects of a zone. such idea was pleasant to developers. They have made pictures of old houses in Irkutsk, and also have visited an architectural complex in Taltsah - Vladimir Vaskov has explained and has added that the concept will be presented the authorities of the Irkutsk region in the end of March. It is supposed that after that competition on creation of the plan of arrangement of a zone will be declared, and building of objects of a special economic zone will begin in 2009.
we Will remind, the first project of an Irkutsk special economic zone turistsko - the recreational type, confirmed by the government of the Russian Federation in October of last year, provided creation of 28 hotels of a various class, 300 guest 10 - the local cottages capable simultaneously to accept 11,2 thousand of tourists and having a rest. It was offered to spend for project realisation 15,04 mlrd rbl. of the state and private investments. Originally OEZ it was supposed to place in Listvjansky municipal union, in fall Krestovoj, in 65 km from Irkutsk. However in May of last year delegation RosOeZ has refused this variant - from the ministry it seemed to officials that pad Krestovaja is too removed from Baikal.
in October of last year the administration of the Irkutsk region has offered for placing OEZ Big Goloustnoe (125 km from Irkutsk) - this platform suited RosOEZ. to Tell, how many in borders OEZ will be objects while it is impossible. All will be specified in the concept. Now we can proceed only from this that the zone should accept at a time 3 thousand tourists at the first stage, - Vladimir Vaskov marks. - Exact investments into the project also it is impossible to name. According to preliminary data, nearby 4 mlrd the rbl. is required from the federal budget on infrastructure creation, 2,5 more mlrd - on road from Irkutsk to Goloustnogo. Private investors can enclose in the project more than 10 mlrd rbl. .
it is curious that OEZ in Big Goloustnom gets to the central ecological zone of Baikal confirmed by the governmental order of the Russian Federation in August, 2001. According to the decision, in the central ecological zone placing of recreational objects is limited. Making comments on this question, Vladimir Vaskov has informed that now in Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation amendments to the acts are co-ordinated, allowing to place tourist`s objects at coast of Baikal without damage to lake: In February also should end mezhevanie the earths between Pribajkalsky national park and OEZ .
Representatives of local tourist industry are assured that developers of the concept will cope with a task in view in time and will hand over the concept by the end of March. foreigners fulfil the state money, and they took quite good rate. As to wooden architecture it seems to me that the idea will not have development - well, is simple because developers gravitate to other architecture. Though the idea quite good, at least because will allow to keep an existing landscape - one of interlocutors considers. The chairman of the Siberian Baikal association of tourism (SBAT) Sergey Perevoznikov marks, as developers of the concept, and the power of region want to provide 70 - percentage loading of hotels in Irkutsk OEZ: If they make it, I will take off before them a hat. If to count, it will turn out that a zone will visit more than 1 million tourists a year .
Alexey Kopylov, Irkutsk