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In 2000 in Davos the American journalist Trudi the Ruby has asked a question about it: Who is mister Putin? Since then thousand its colleagues it is thousandfold on it on - to a miscellaneous have answered. It is possible to make the short review of two presidential terms of Vladimir Vladimirovicha Putin of these answers West eyes.

Putin intends to go... To official dissolution of the CIS and its replacement with individual pressure by the Commonwealth states. Tools traditional for Russia - deliveries of oil and armed forces will be used with that end in view...

The Foreign Report, Great Britain

For struggle against a cancer tumour of corruption Putin has undertaken till now nothing. The high-ranking Kremlin officials, such as Borodin or Kalyuzhny, which bribability has obvious proofs, have received at Putin new honourable posts

Neue Zuercher Zeitung, Switzerland

Since Putin has come to the Kremlin... He repeated time and again that its country is a field information war . Putin, the professional security officer and the person who is not possessing mentality of the democratic politician, obviously, will take steps to take under the control of mass-media

The Guardian, Great Britain


Tony Blair expresses the admiration of Putin. George Bush believes that can trust the Russian president. Jean Kretena was impressed with Putin calmness and fine possession of questions of bilateral and multilateral cooperation. Gerhard Schroder is fascinated by Putin German language which that has learnt, spying in its country

The Toronto Sun, Canada


Poor Lyudmila Putin! If her husband, the Russian president Vladimir Putin, publicly tells such roughnesses, as in Bruxelles (the offer to journalist Le Monde to make trimming. - the first rating ), it is terrible to think that it speaks at home. Whether it calls its whore when at it pancakes burn slightly?

The Globe and Mail, Canada


After a centuries-old absolutism, 70 years of communism and 15 years of the deceived hopes the greatest country of the world goes to a presidential mode, characteristic for Third World countries: to avtokratii, a clannishness and corruption, to the private corporations dependent on the political power, to prevalence in the state budget of incomes of export of natural resources

L ` Express, France

It is not known, what role Putin has played, if has played in general, in YUKOS business. It is considered to be that attack to YUKOS and Khodorkovsky srezhissirovalo chekistskoe a wing of its administration .

Chicago Tribune, the USA


All comes back by times of the Soviet tyranny... Russia Putin is no more democratic, than Cuba or China .

Orlando Sentinel, the USA

Russia not dictatorship, and that political system which Vladimir Putin tries to reform, not democracy... As Russians never considered political system of Yeltsin Russia as democracy. For them it there was a chaos .

The Washington Post, the USA


Slipping of Germany to dictatorship occurred stage by stage; to Hitler was three to some extent the authoritative chancellor. There is opened a question on, whether Putin on a warming up at the future Russian Fuhrer acts or it will appear it.

Los Angeles Times, the USA

There are many reasons to hope that this promise (to retire in 2008. - the first rating ) it will execute, but as much the reasons to be afraid that will not execute...

The Times, Great Britain


It is possible to believe that Putin did not make the order to kill Alexander Litvinenko, but it does not prevent to recognise that the Russian president has spread that culture which has legalised this murder

The Guardian, Great Britain


According to polls, only 6 % of Russians know, in what an essence of the plan of Putin, but thus 65 % support it

The Daily Telegraph, Great Britain

For the Russian men it an ideal to which it is necessary to aspire. For women it that man, similarity with which they would like to see in the husbands

The Daily Telegraph, Great Britain