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Michael Khodorkovsky starves for Vasily Aleksanjana

the Chita consequence recognised as constitutional
Basmanny Court of Moscow yesterday anew has considered the complaint of lawyers Michael Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev to illegality of carrying out of preliminary investigation on their second business in Chita. Last year the same Basmanny Court recognised this consequence illegal, and the Moscow City Court has supported this position. However the State Office of Public Prosecutor has reached the Supreme court which has returned complaint materials in Basmanny Court for repeated consideration. Protection has stated again the position, having specified that according to the law (item 152 UPK, in particular) the consequence should be conducted in a place of fulfilment of crimes, that is in Moscow. In turn, the public prosecutor has declared that the consequence is conducted in Chita lawfully and obosnovanno. As a result Basmanny Court recognised that carrying out of a consequence concerning misters Khodorkovsky and Lebedev in Chita Does not break their constitutional laws and does not complicate their right to justice . The lawyer Elena Liptser named this decision solomonovym : the Court as a result has declared that simply there is no subject for consideration by court, and has refused to us the complaint . By the way, the chairman of the Supreme court of Russia Vyacheslav Lebedev, acting yesterday before journalists, has declared that does not see infringement of the law and in that courts could consider criminal cases in a place of serving of punishment already condemned. So mister Lebedev has answered the question of journalists connected with contest by lawyers of Michael Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev of legality of carrying out of a consequence in Chita. criminal cases can be considered and in a place of commission of crime, and in a place of departure of punishment. So it is specified at us in Criminally - the remedial code - Vyacheslav Lebedev has declared.

Yesterday the Chita regional court has prolonged to Michael Khodorkovsky term of holding in custody till May, 2nd. As has explained lawyer Liptser, it is connected with occurrence in business of new materials.