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on screens leaves Today Hunt`s Hunting - how three American journalists have arranged in Bosnia of a safari on the military criminal and have come back home tired, but happy. The idea of a picture is reduced to so shameless romantizatsii a journalistic trade that to the person having to it though remote relation, it becomes awkward. LYDIA - MASLOV reddened.
about what low opinion authors Hunt`s Hunting about mental faculties of the target audience, it is possible to guess already on presence of the offscreen voice offering the explanatories for those to whom the picture is not clear: two muzhiks with letters TV on the bullet-proof vests, one of them with the chamber, rush about under storm fire. it gave me courage of which did not suffice me - the Black the operator (Terens Hovard) remembers the charismatic colleague, the header hero (Richard Gere), which itself with the chamber was not able to address, and reporterskoe its skill was reduced basically to ability to light under bombardment and in time to point a finger at the scorching heat: Run there and remove . The next reporting from Bosnia when the hero has said on the air pair of words, which usually " became deification of brilliant career of Hunt; zapikivajut and has then got from a pocket true fljazhechku and not without a call has taken a mouthful directly in the chamber.

after that the dismissed Hunt has swept on an inclined plane, having come to stringera - the freelancer, and in some disgraceful years was went in number of Sarajevo hotel to the former operator, all this time, on the contrary, rising on a career ladder. When they again meet Hunt, the operator is on the honourable task: The botany (Dzhessi Ajzenberg) accompanies curly Jewish, wishing to lose in Bosnia journalistic innocence and not hiding shameful fact that it the son of the vice-president of TV channel. To catch in Bosnia of 2000 there is especially nothing, except military criminal Bogdanovicha, for whose head five-million compensation is appointed, and this deal is offered by freaky Hunt to the ancient friend, and the four-eyes, naturally, co-ordinates with them the third, but as it is not less naturally found out later, completely not superfluous.

the most convincing in to Hunt`s Hunting is a live fox who, however, instantly turns to the stiffened stuffed animal in hands of Bogdanovicha which have received for passion to the fox hunting a nickname of Foxes. All the rest, except a fox, authors in the beginning fairly warn a continuous garbage though, it is necessary to recognise that only the most comical parts of this history represent the facts . Not clearly, truth how to distinguish, it is necessary to consider which parts comical, because anything ridiculous in to Hunt`s Hunting no, well unless you are amused still by shop jokes of type: the Good journalist in an unfamiliar place first of all searches for a bar .

Faktologichesky stretches and anachronisms in to Hunt`s Hunting are pardonable: though from the end of 1995 in Bosnia stood already NATO stabilisation forces SFOR, and any not U.N. peacemakers as in a film, but blue berets look where narjadnee the brown. Afflict dramaturgic awkwardness as, for example, fleshbek in which Hunt`s Croatian beloved lies spread on the earth after a touch of the Serbian insurgents, showing filled by cotton wool " more; eight-monthly a stomach with five holes from bullet wounds.

Such touching explanation why all - taki vymaterilsja Hunt who has gone on the air in 20 minutes after has found brutally killed mother of the not born child, looks absolutely unnecessary as by that moment when it arrives, all who likes the hero, and so on its party, and those to whom it is unpleasant, any more will not change the relation. Instead it would be more interesting to look, as all - taki capture of Bogdanovicha eternally surrounded in ten of bodyguards, but that is really curious, in " has been prepared and spent by forces of three journalists; to Hunt`s Hunting it is shown by a tongue twister, in a hurry. And you see, how director Richard Shepard who has squandered basic time for memoirs, fleshbeki and journalistic bajki at every possible bar counters, glances at hours, trying to keep within in an hour and a half and still to have time to tell tales in a final caption about present Karadzhicha: Here you catch it - catch, and it in this time already two books has let out from the fine is far. It also is the basic message Hunt`s Hunting which and blabs out someone from heroes literally: if would want to catch, for a long time would catch. But to want there is nobody, except lonely disinterested avengers like mythical Hunt who instead of selling the trophy in the Hague tribunal, in the ending lets out connected Bogdanovicha from a luggage carrier in the middle of any Muslim small town with a parting word: Well Moslems, they will think up that with it to make . Moslems, without trusting the good luck which has fallen down them, start to compress around supostata a ring, but authors do not give the slightest hint on what procedures are coming it. How izmordovannyh pregnant women to show, so anything, courage not to occupy and how though with half an eye to allow to look at tortures to which the enemy of a human race so nervishki hand over will undergo?