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If the friend has appeared suddenly

In Petersburg group of young graduates of Theatrical academy has created the Antifascist theatrical project which debuted by means of the play of Japanese Jukio Misimy My friend Hitler in the Jewish recreation centre ESOD. Together with not indifferent target audience behind the action occurring directly in atriume ESODa, TATYANA - DZHUROVA observed.
My friend Hitler of course, far not the most antifascist play of all times and the people. And at all even on the contrary. - the singer of superpeople and superhuman acts - has described Nitssheanets Misima in My friend Hitler the events preceding Night of long knifes of 1934 (when an attack plane - colleague Hitler Ernest Rem has been arrested and shot, accused of plot and immoral behaviour) and to Hitler`s accession in a post rejhsprezidenta. But in characters of Misimy, whether it be Rem or madam De the Garden, is more from the author, than from historical prototypes. Adolf and its colleagues - heroes abstract, mythical deities like a Torah or Odina. If simply, the play - how the friend has offered the friend for the sake of the big idea. The antihumanistic potential of the play has not confused the pupil of the Lion Dodin Sergey Aleksandrovsky. And he has decided to put history about that murder does with the person quite good, in effect.

Misimu to play difficult: in its plays heroes perestrelivajutsja not emotions, and ideas. The Samurai spirit and most European from Japanese authors of the XX-th century, it remains to one of playwrights deeply closed for Russian theatrical mentality. Performance Antifascist theatre played by combined efforts of young representatives of two most honourable actor`s schools of Petersburg - Dodin and Veniamin Filshtinsky`s Lion - did not become an exception. Young men obediently embody canons of Russian psychological theatre: in bad search good Diligently sate steel intellectual formulas of Misimy live feeling also process ideological duels at times fussy enough physical action . Possibly, Misima would prefer, that its play as at Viktyuk, seminude handsome men with severe voices and the persons hidden under unperturbable masks of theatre but played. Ernest Rem, the friend and colleague Hitler, the singer of war and the destruction, the proof Samurai, tsenoju lives embodying idea of fidelity to the mister is that in the play. This role would be ideally suited for Lukino Visconti`s blond deity - to Helmutu Berger. In performance the Antifascist project Simeon Pivkin plays Rema naive and tupovatym a martinet whom it is noisy swallows beer, is thrown by chairs and hardly that suffices for a throat of the opponents - unperturbable steelmaking magnate Kruppa (Igor Nikolays) and nevrotichnogo a socialist Shtrassera (Ivan Nikolays).

Mild pretty Andrey Terentyev (Hitler) though carries small short moustaches, the silent thoughtful habit is more similar to Raskolnikova Dostoevsky or Pushkin Boris Godunov. Like these well-known reflektirujushchim to criminals necessarily he aloud suffers under burden of the power and a doubt: I shivering or the right have the Creature? . Hamovatyj Rem striving to saddle Adolf putting feet on its desktop, and even taking the future Fuhrer for intimate places, accordingly, is much less nice, rather than the old woman - protsentshchitsa, and to Hitler is obviously unpleasant. That does its torments ill-founded.

in the ending performance has suddenly found the third measurement which obviously has been not planned amoralistom by Misimoj, the humanist Aleksandrovsky. Contrary to expectations, after murder of Rema and Shtrassera anything awful has not occurred to Hitler. Adolf`s voice has found confident loudness, and its shade on a wall has grown till the cyclopean sizes. As though hinted that before us, probably, the future wise politician conducting the flock to prosperity, outgrown the not nice and short-sighted opponents, and also teenage games in revolution and natsional - a socialism. And the persons who have arisen on the screen of children who have been stirred up in concentration camps, here as though and at anything.