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Games with the Olympic Games

in struggle for the right to accept the Olympic games of 2014 should be perceived the Victory of Russia and a city of Sochi more easy, than it perceive now. Anyway, the example of last five winter Games shows that their carrying out does not guarantee to the Olympic capital of the light future.
Albervil - 1992
At the Olympic Games of 1992 in Albervile and the Olympic Games - 2014 in Sochi are, strangely enough, which - that the general. Call this general Jean - Claude Killi. The great mountain skier in the past heads the coordination commission of the International Olympic committee supervising preparation for the Sochi Games. And a worthy such post its person has made just preparation experience to albervilskoj to the Olympic Games: it was together with Michel Berne the co-chairman of its organising committee and has done outstanding organising work. In particular, on the basic profile - building of mountain-skiing lines. Under the direction of Killi masterpieces have really been created.

Only here these lines are located, strictly speaking, at all in Albervile, and in being from it on solid distance resorts of Val d ` by Izere, Ooze, Meribele and Kurshvele. They were popular and to the Olympic Games, and after their rating became still above. Anything strange in it is not present. After all it on their arrangement the most part of the means allocated at level of the French government on preparation for the Olympic Games has gone. Officially its budget was less $500 million But actually connected expenses all anyhow with the Olympic Games have made $1,2 billion

to Official capital of Games - to small town with the population of 17 thousand persons - they have not brought special advantage. In tourist directories you, of course, Albervil will find out, but hardly probable learn about it something such that will necessarily force you to visit this place on jugo - the east of France. Mountain skiers lodge there where go for a drive, the blessing of hotels near to descents suffices, and in Albervil do not go down. Because there is no need. Unless you are an ardent fan of the museums devoted stories of the Olympic Games: other sights in this city are not present.

After Igr of 1992 Albervil and remained by and large the French remote place. In all senses: in economic, tourist, sports. And the American edition of The New York Times in two years after the Olympic Games mischievously informed that some nearby resorts, having spent the big money before Games in hope to receive then profit, were up to the ears in debt. Not clearly what for constructed in Pralonjane for $6 million hockey stadium stands idle. As, however, and sports constructions for shorts - a track and the skating sports, erected in Albervile.

Lillehammer - 1994
on a plan of the Norwegian authorities the Olympic Games of 1994 should play extremely important role country lives. JUgo - the east of Norway (that is that part where has hidden 25 - thousand Lillehammer) stayed in a condition, for which stagnation - still the soft characteristic. Like there are mountains, there are good descents, but any interest to them from tourists. And any mountain-skiing business. Of Olympic Games organising committee assured that it will impulse improbable force to its development that, having seen local beauty, tourists from every corner of the globe here will be pulled.

experiment was - there is no place more purely. With games to organizers has terribly carried. All two weeks - the sun, and a snow cover - brilliant quality. Fans in delight. It seemed that $507 million (an account part of the budget of the Olympic Games) are spent not in vain.

that was then? Really - short-term splash in tourist activity. In 1995 the quantity of the tourists who have visited area Lillehammera has increased by 25 %. But then indicators began to decrease steadily. And some small resorts which tightened the investments under the Olympic Games and have believed in slogans of organising committee, accident has comprehended. Being unable pay off on debts, they one after another began to declare themselves bankrupts. As a result it was closed about 40 % of the hotels receiving visitors of the Olympic Games.

it is unequivocal on advantage it has gone only to one resort - Hafell to 15 km from the Olympic capital in which took place competitions on mountain skiing. Till 1994 not considered especially popular, it has instantly entered into a top - a three to Norway and has begun to position itself as a resort of the international value. However, to hurry up with delights does not follow. Norwegian a top - a three not French. About popularity of Hafellja is better tells the circulation of the advertising leaflet published by local travel agency, - 180 thousand copies. 150 thousand - in the Norwegian language, the others - in English, German and Russian. Approximately on so much tourists annually in Hafelle also count. negusto to the French or Swiss measures.

as to Lillehammera it and has not changed the status of a modest country town for more serious. Has not expanded, has kept former quantity of inhabitants and on - former is proud of the wooden architecture interesting to exclusively big fans of such architecture, yes ordinary level an ice-hockey team. The majority of the constructions constructed to the Olympic Games in Lillehammere and its vicinities stand idle.

Nagano - 1998
the Person, any image reached a city of Nagano in the north of Japan, hardly will feel that it is less ten years ago to it the attention of the whole world has been riveted. A usual Japanese city with the population under a half-million of inhabitants (for this country - ordinary figure). Anything remarkable, except the Buddhist temple constructed 14 centuries ago, and park of monkeys. Expecting to see handsome men - stadiums the strong disappointment, anyway, waits. And palace Big Hat where took place hockey competitions, and skating rink M - Wave where skaters competed, and arena White Ring accepting figure skaters, look rather modestly. During Games the journalists, assuming to see in the country associating with technical progress miracles of sports architecture, called them hangars . Really, all prostenko and without a special glamour. And those who happened in Nagano to or during Games, will confirm that its shape has not changed at all.

however to tell that the Olympic Games of 1998 have passed for this city absolutely completely, it would be unfair. In - the first, a stream of the tourists, wishing to look at the same Buddhist temple or bathing in lake with warm sources under falling snow of monkeys, about one million person in a year while in the middle of 90 - h it was twice less now makes. It is not excluded that growth is connected with Games, with increase recognition Nagano. In - the second, too the quantity of mounting skiing resorts in prefecture of Nagano approximately has twice increased: them there now hardly there is less than hundred. And like, unlike albervilskih or lillehammerskih, has done without bankruptcies. In - the third, in Nagano the Olympic Games all - taki have resulted big-time sports. In 2002 here has passed the World championship on figure skating, World Cup stages on mountain skiing are regularly spent. Another matter that the bases to consider as if Nagano has turned at least to the Asian tourist centre (not to mention world), all - taki is not present. And after all in words such purpose Japanese when they made an application on Games, and was put.

however, people, able to analyze the information, say that which - who, namely local authorities and having interests in prefecture billionaire Josiaki Tsutsumi of the purposes have precisely reached. Formally expenses on the Olympic Games have made all $815 million De - fakto connected with preparation for the investment Olympic Games (basically state) in a prefecture infrastructure - well, let us assume, in the high-speed railway which has connected Nagano from Tokyo, - estimate in $15 billion Without the Olympic idea to put up money in this area never would become.

Solt - Lejk - City - 2002
Games in Solt - Lejk - City against three previous - an example rather an effective utilisation of the Olympic potential. It is possible to tell, two heads of application committee - Tom Uelch and Dejv Johnson, convicted of payoff of members the IOC during application campaign and condemned in December, 2003 (ten members the IOC taking bribes, have been excluded from the organisation), have suffered knowingly.

it is not so much because now the big-time sports in Utah are not one club NBA Utah the Jazz But also Oval - the fastest constructed to Games in the world skating stadium on which at World Cup stages records are regularly established, and bobslejnaja a line where competitions of the highest level too are spent. Simply after the Olympic Games and Solt - Lejk - City, and the staff which administrative centre the city is, became much more popular in tourists.

last year to the power of Utah with optimism have reported that popularity of 13 local resorts, two largest of which - Park - City and Dir - Velli where mountain skiers - Olympians competed, in comparison with 2002 has increased by 29 %. What does it mean? That in Solt - Lejk - Cities annually come to drive on skis of 5 million the persons leaving in treasury of staff about $4,5 billion And forward rates like would remain.

though to confirm, as if the Olympic Games have provided Solt - Lejk - City fantastic break, certainly, it is impossible. While real expenses on the Games which have exceeded have not paid off at all, considering the expenses not considered in the budget for improvement of a transport and housing infrastructure of staff, $2 billion And the main mountain-skiing centre of America Utah yet did not become. Superiority on - former for Colorado and to take away it in the near future from neighbours precisely does not leave: for this purpose it is necessary, that the tourist stream has grown still twice. Becoming a magnet for admirers of mountain skis from Europe and Asia, speech does not go in general.

Turin - 2006
the Person who has visited in February, 2006 on the Olympic Games in Turin, necessarily would come to a conclusion that the power of a province Piedmont in their aspiration to extract Games was moved by feeling of acute jealousy to other largest city in the north of Italy - to Milan. All conversations with turintsami were reduced to one. And in their city of full shops of fashionable clothes - and to buy it go to Milan. And at them is on what to look to the fan of history - at Mole Antonelliana tower or a shroud of the Christ in Sacred John`s cathedral, for example. And the Milan cathedral became the main symbol of northern Italy. And mounting skiing resorts in Piedmont - Chezana, Bardonekkia even glorified by Sestrier - lose popularity in comparison with French which settle down in the neighbourhood, through border. And the Olympic Games are obliged to correct a situation. Whether

these dreams while it is not clear Will come true. Signs of instant increase of the status of capital of Piedmont still at least it is not appreciable. Abroad more popularly Milan.

However, it is necessary to notice that sports in Turin became much more, than to the Olympic Games when in essence he could brag only football Juventus . The sports constructions constructed to Games, Palasport Olympico, Torino Palavela, Oval Lingotto, there use under the full program. In 2006 - m Turin accepted the World championship on fencing and the World chess Olympic Games. In 2008 - the m here will take place the European championship on rhythmic gymnastics, in 2009 - m - the European championship on track and field athletics in the closed premises, in 2010 - m - the World championship on figure skating. Whether

this compensation of $1,7 mlrd, spent for preparation of the Turin Olympic Games is worthy? The question remains opened. As open there is a question on efficiency of application unprecedented in the history of winter Games of the sum in 314 mlrd rbl. which is planned to enclose in preparation for the Sochi Olympic Games.