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Mobile the charter

“ Strategy of development of transport mechanical engineering of the Russian Federation in 2007 - 2010 and for the period till 2015 “ became one of the basic documents defining prospects of branch on the next 8 years. The first variant of strategy has been presented the government in April of last year, but sent on completion. On September, 18th, 2007 the industry and power Ministry has confirmed the modifed version which realisation now goes at full speed.
the saved up demand
In 2007 growth of production of transport mechanical engineering has made 116,8 % whereas as a whole on the industry this indicator has made 106,3 %. For a year 61 main diesel locomotive, 163 main electric locomotives, 228 shunting and industrial diesel locomotives, 91 miner electric locomotive, 38,7 thousand freight cars, 1060 carriages, 764 cars of electric trains, 304 units of travelling technics has been made. Including Russian Railway Open Society has been put 326 locomotives, 912 carriages, more than 16 thousand freight cars, 762 cars of electric trains and rail buses. By in total branch it is shipped production on 193,9 mlrd rbl. that on 31 % above an indicator of 2006. It is exported production on $724,9 million from which 51 % on tradition has had on deliveries of spare parts to a rolling stock.

it is industrial - economic indicators of branch last four years steadily grow. Experts explain this tendency as volume increase gruzo - and passazhiroperevozok by rail (in 2007 the rail freight turnover has grown on 7,1 %, a passenger turnover - on 2,9 % in comparison with 2006), and saved up with the middle 1990 - h years demand for a rolling stock. According to Russian Railway Open Society, on the beginning of 2007 the rolling stock share, which age has exceeded standard service life, has made 31 % for locomotives (7 thousand unit) 8 % for carriages (more than 2 thousand unit), 45 % for electric trains (more than 7 thousand unit), 19 % for freight cars (more than 119 thousand unit) and 81 % for the travelling technics (more than 6,5 thousand unit) .

From new workings out it is necessary to note an electric locomotive of direct current έΟ2Κ of manufacture of Open Society “ the Kolomna factory “. On Novocherkassk elektrovozostroitelnom factory the main cargo electric locomotive 2έΡ4Κ is created and started in manufacture. Pre-production models of the main cargo diesel locomotives pass tests for Bryansk machine-building and Kolomna factories.

it is obvious that considerable value in improvement of quality of production of branch has application of the high technologies which owners are the leading world companies. Therefore the special attention in strategy is given stimulation of creation of joint ventures on the terms of a transfer of technologies and manufacture localisation. The organisation of joint venture of companies Siemens AG and Joint-Stock Company " became one of successful examples of such transfer by whom developers of strategy were guided; transmashholding “ On release of static converters for carriages and locomotives. Further at this enterprise it is planned to master also manufacture beskollektornogo the traction electric drive. In the end of May, 2007 company Bombardier Transportation and Joint-Stock Company “ transmashholding “ have signed agreements on creation in Russia of the joint venture on release of traction converters and joint inzhiniringovogo the centre. In the near future is planned to continue cooperation and to create other joint ventures which would provide output of a world degree of quality in key directions of development of branch.

despite complexity of attraction of investments, into last years the enterprises of the Russian transport mechanical engineering own forces develop manufacture of new kinds of a rolling stock, and both end production, and accessories.

Strategic partnership
Results of the last year have shown that process of consolidation of actives in sphere of transport mechanical engineering proceeds. As world practice, only the large companies making all spectrum of a rolling stock shows, are capable to compete on equal terms to leaders of world transport mechanical engineering.

so, for example, in 2007 of Open Society of the Russian Railway has got blocking share holding of Joint-Stock Company “ transmashholding “. This transaction will allow railwaymen to minimise the risks connected with deliveries of principal views of a rolling stock, and “ transmashholdingu “ - to raise cost of a share capital and investment appeal of the company, and also to leave on equal positions with the largest world companies.

successful examples of consolidation last year steels the holding company “ Sinara - Transport cars “ (STM) and Open Society “ Russian corporation of transport mechanical engineering “ (joint venture entering in “ the Base element “ holding “ Russian cars “ and the Car-building company of Mordovia).

Besides, under the initiative “ transmashholdinga “ the Car-building company of Mordovia, concern “ Tractor factories “ and the Russian Railway in April, 2007 it has been decided to create branch public organisation - noncommercial partnership “ Association of manufacturers of railway technics “ (NP OPZHT). The partnership has been registered in June of last year, and in December general meeting on which in its structure it was accepted more than 50 enterprises has taken place.

problems of NP OPZHT include coordination of actions of the basic suppliers of technics for a railway transportation, assistance to introduction of a branch control system of quality IRIS, and also representation of the consolidated interests of branch in public authorities on the questions connected with realisation of strategy.

in spite of the fact that formally the partnership exists less year, its activity has already led to certain results. In particular, in Bruxelles arrangements with the European union of railway mechanical engineering (UNIFE) about development of cooperation of domestic and European mechanical engineering in the field of improvement of quality of manufacturing of a rolling stock and the railway technics have been reached. Signing of the memorandum of cooperation and the licence agreement on granting of NP OPZHT of exclusive rights on transfer and distribution to Russia and the CIS the newest version of the European standard of railway industry IRIS became result of negotiations.

Thus, the transport mechanical engineering last year has started to be formed organizational as the branch consisting of the independent enterprises, competing among themselves in separate segments of the market, but having the general interests in questions of improvement of quality of production, maintenance of requirements of a railway transportation and protection of the interests in the foreign markets.

cars will get under way
Within the limits of performance of actions for support of home market of production of transport mechanical engineering of Open Society of the Russian Railway has started the conclusion of long-term contracts with the basic manufacturers. So, in 2007 of Open Society of the Russian Railway and Open Society “ NPK “ Ural Carriage-Building Plant “ “ Have signed the contract on delivery in 2008 - 2010 40 650 semicars. The contract total sum has made 68 mlrd rbl. Realization of long-term contracts on delivery of production of transport mechanical engineering between Open Society of the Russian Railway and the largest manufacturers of branch specifies in positive dynamics of development of home market.

Besides, the Russian Railway and “ transmashholding “ have signed contracts on manufacture and delivery in 2007 - 2009 212 units of new main electric locomotives of models έ5Κ and έΟ2Κ. In 2007 - 2009 of the Russian Railway will receive 109 chetyrehosnyh cargo electric locomotives of an alternating current of model έ5Κ (personal computer NEVZ manufacture) and 103 shestiosnyh passenger electric locomotives of a direct current of model έΟ2Κ (Open Society manufactures “ the Kolomna factory “) .

From its part, Minpromenergo of Russia has suggested board of directors of Open Society of the Russian Railway to consider the problem on introduction of practice of the conclusion long-term (for term over 5 years) contracts with manufacturers on delivery of production of transport mechanical engineering. They should include working out of new production, its manufacture and service during life cycle.

the analysis of structure of import of production of transport mechanical engineering in the first half of the year 2007 has shown that volumes of import of carriages of locomotive draught and the motor - a carload rolling stock are insignificant and do not render essential influence on market conditions. The import most part - to 80 % - is necessary on freight cars, mainly manufactures of Ukraine.

considering the declared Russian Railway volumes of demand for a rolling stock, first of all freight cars, in the market deficiency of the offer in the near future will remain. In the present state of affairs, in opinion as Russian Railway Open Society, and manufacturers, increase of the import customs duties on a railway rolling stock can negatively affect security of requirements of a railway transportation, and protection of home producers is expedient for carrying out with application of such not tariff measures, as licensing, certification, antidumping investigations and others.

in a case if the situation in branch will change and there will be a necessity to apply protective measures, manufacturers will present the offers to the interdepartmental commission of the government of the Russian Federation on protective measures in foreign trade and is customs - the tariff policy when due hereunder.

for increase of investment activity of the enterprises of branch Minpromenergo spends work with the basic manufacturers of production on preparation of offers on realisation of important investment projects in the field of transport mechanical engineering. It is supposed that they will be financed at the expense of means of Investment fund according to positions of the memorandum of the financial policy of the state corporation “ Bank of development and foreign trade activities (Foreign trade and investment bank) “.

Besides, together with the industrial enterprises the list priority scientifically - research is formed and is skilled - design works in the field of transport mechanical engineering. Them sofinansirovanie it will be carried out at the expense of means which are provided by Minpromenergo on scientific researches and workings out in federal laws on budgets for the corresponding period.

considerable progress is reached in sphere of realisation of actions for development of personnel potential of branch. Minobrnauki has prepared offers on working out of the plan of measures on development of personnel potential of transport mechanical engineering on 2008 - 2010. According to these offers it is offered to spend an estimation of current and perspective requirement for qualified workers and experts for transmasha, to generate the state order for training scientific, engineering and personnel and together with employers to develop new modern professional standards (so-called qualifying requirements) to experts of branch.

realisation of strategy of development of transport mechanical engineering in 2008 demands the further perfection standard - legal base. It will allow to create favorable conditions for the joint ventures formed on the terms of a technological transfer and localisation of manufacture, to prepare for realisation important investment projects in transport mechanical engineering and to spend a number of actions for development of personnel potential of branch.