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Club of railwaymen

In June, 2007 the branch public organisation - noncommercial partnership " has been created; Association of manufacturers of railway technics (NP OPZHT) into which structure today enters already more than 50 enterprises. About the new organisation will be engaged in what, BG VALENTINE GAPANOVICH, the vice-president - the chief engineer of Open Society of the Russian Railway, the president of NP OPZHT has told.
Today to find real ways of the decision of the problems limiting competitiveness and development of the Russian transport mechanical engineering, association of efforts of as much as possible wide range of the companies interested in it is required. First of all it is necessary to introduce modern technical and technological decisions, to provide stably high quality of production both necessary technological and a technological level of manufacture of accessories. Besides, it is necessary to create the organizational and financial conditions stimulating development of the Russian transport mechanical engineering, advancement of production of the Russian transport mechanical engineering on the markets of other countries.

the main task which pursues noncommercial partnership in the work, - coordination of activity of the companies occupied with manufacture of the railway technics. Work within the limits of OPZHT will allow to formulate the uniform point of view of community on key questions of a state policy in sphere of manufacture of railway technics. In the long term within the limits of OPZHT efforts on all aspects of work of branch, except for what are connected with a trade secret of separate manufacturers can be co-ordinated.

the formulation of concrete programs of development, change of legal certificates, legislative initiatives which liquidations of barriers on a way of development of the Russian transport mechanical engineering will promote should become Result of activity OPZHT.

the Russian railways are directly interested in success of this work. Russian Railway Open Society is today the largest consumer of railway technics in the country. According to the strategy of development of a railway transportation approved by the government during the period till 2030 the company will carry out large-scale purchases of all kinds of a rolling stock. Thus we are guided by introduction of the most advanced technical decisions and, accordingly, we show increased requirements to the suppliers. OPZHT it urged to create conditions at which our partners can correspond to them.

It is assured that only real association of efforts of manufacturers and consumers of railway technics will allow us to reach a world degree of quality of production and to provide as much as possible full satisfaction of requirements of the Russian economy in the qualitative railway technics and infrastructure components.