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The system integrator

About necessity of creation of the structure, capable to offer Russian stankostroiteljam favourable conditions of consolidation and on-line to protect their interests, representatives of profile departments time and again spoke. Acting in December, 2007 at session of the governmental commission concerning development of the industry, technologies and transport, zamglavy Minpromenergo Denis Manturov has declared that these functions can be transferred new corporation - Open Society Rosstankoprom . At the initial stage it will unite the isolated and ineffective state actives (Open Society share holdings VNIIinstrument VNIIalmaz and Stankoimport ) And in process of company expansion the state share of participation will decrease from 100 % to 25 %. At the expense of association stankostroitelej possibility to realise scale projects of technological reequipment of civil and defensive mechanical engineering will be presented (the strategic machine-building enterprises financed from the state budget) should become their basic customers to increase import pilot nou - hau in area stankoinstrumentalnoj production and export domestic mehanoobrabatyvajushchego the equipment.

Besides, according to Denis Manturova, consolidation stankostroitelej will provide more rational expenditure of budgetary funds, as public authorities basically cannot supervise a process equipment complete set .

If Rosstankoprom Will receive the status of the system integrator between suppliers stankoinstrumentalnoj production and its consumers to one of the main developers of the equipment becomes branch State inzhiniringovyj the centre (GITS). At the same December session of the governmental commission it has been told that GITS will earn by the end of January, 2008 on the basis of MGTU Stankin as its independent structural formation (that, however, has not occurred). Centre divisions will take place partially at university, partially - on a platform Rosstankoproma where at state individual share it will be created it is skilled - experimental range. According to the plan of measures on development stankoinstrumentalnoj the industries of Russia till 2011, problems GITS will include realisation of research and development in the field of perfection of double purpose technologies and performance obshcheotraslevyh research and development. It is expected that functioning GITS will allow to lower cost inzhiniringovyh services and to expand their spectrum for customers.

Rosstankoprom will put before GITS problems of working out of samples of the competitive equipment for maintenance of projects of modernisation. These samples should be put on a batch production at the Russian enterprises. Rosstankoprom and GITS in common should solve a strategic problem of long-term maintenance of the Russian mechanical engineering mehanoobrabatyvajushchim the equipment and the tool concerning double purpose technologies - Denis Manturov has declared in the report.