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Mechanical engineering in figures

In January, 2008 growth of machine-building manufacture in a number of branches was observed. In many respects it is caused by intensive expansion of assembly manufactures in motor industry; increase in orders at machine-building production within the limits of realisation of national projects, growth of deliveries to export of some kinds of machine-building production, realisation of long-term strategy by branch monopolists (the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“, Russian Railway Open Society).

Growth of manufacture of cars and the equipment has made 114,4 % (by January, 2007), including the mechanical equipment - 121,9 %. Manufacture of steam turbines has increased in 5,5 times, diesel engines and the diesel engine - generators -

Has increased by 27,5 % also output of agricultural mechanical engineering: combines grain-harvesting - in 5,5 times, combines kormouborochnyh - in 2,8 times, tractors on caterpillar to a course - in 2,5 times, ploughs tractor - in 3,8 times. Manufacture building - the road technics has grown also: dredges it is made more in 1,6 times, bulldozers - 1,5 times, kuznechnopressovyh cars - 1,6 times, cranes tower - in 1,5 times, cranes on automobile to a course - 1,4 times.

growth of manufacture of vehicles and the equipment has made 108,3 %. Manufacture of cars, trailers and semitrailers has increased by 8,1 %, courts, flying and space vehicles, and also other vehicles - on 8,4 %. Advancing rates manufacture of diesel locomotives shunting and industrial a broad gauge - in 2,1 times, electric locomotives main - on 140 %, cars with capacity of the engine over 90 l developed. With. - on 178, %, buses with diesel engines - on 143,8 %, lorries load-carrying capacity over 3 tons - on 129,6 %.

Manufacture of power transformers has increased on 133,9 %, high-voltage electric equipment - on 142,8 %, devices of the microwave oven - on 140,7 %, electric motors kranovyh - on 132 %. At the same time manufacture of an electric equipment, the electronic and optical equipment - on 89,8 % has decreased.

the Source: given Minpromenergo