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JUTK the Southern telecommunication company has refused long rouble

has begun placing of discount bills in cost 2 mlrd roubles with term of the reference three months. Experts guess concerning the purposes of this placing - they are surprised with the tool of reception of the finance chosen by the company, short term of the reference and great volume of a loan. Management JUTK has explained “” what to use other debt tools of the company it would be heavy from - for their complexities and high cost whereas release of bills is technologically simple that will allow to accelerate the conclusion of transactions and to involve necessary volume of means for the minimum time. Open Society “ the Southern telecommunication company “ has officially informed on placing of the first tranche of bills for references three months and cost 2 mlrd roubles. The organizer of placing is “ Communication - Bank “. According to message JUTK, means are involved “ For the purpose of financing of current activity and refinancing of short-term debts “. The sum of the first tranche has made 385 million roubles.

“ in total within the limits of the given program it is planned two tranches. The first has been placed on March, 6th, the second will be placed on March, 18th. JUTK uses simple discount bills which are bought at the price below face value proceeding from market profitableness, and for approach of term of repayment are paid face value. Profitableness at placing of bills within the limits of the first tranche has made 9-9,2 % annual, at the second tranche it can change “ - director JUTK for economy and the finance Alexander Dobrjakov has told “”. • Open Society “ the Southern telecommunication company “ (Krasnodar) - the largest operator of a fixed-line telephony in JUFO. Includes the largest companies of telecommunication in 10 subjects of district (except Dagestan, Ingushetia and the Chechen Republic). The number capacity sostavlejat over 4,3 million numbers covers the network territory with the population over 18,5 million persons, montirovanaja, tsifrovizatsija networks reaches 66,5 %. The gain in 2006 has made 17,5 mlrd roubles, the net profit - 1,18 billion the Basic shareholder is “ Svyazinvest “ - 38 %. “ This rate is favourable JUTK. For the large corporate borrower it is very interesting percent “ - the director of Rostov branch IK " has declared “”; the Three Dialogue “ Ivan Kovalev.

Mister Kovaleva however surprises both a kind used JUTK the extra tool, and its parametres: “ It is the strange loan. The credit would be more convenient to involve the companies or to let out bonds as at it good bonded history - at JUTK was five releases of the bonds two of which are already extinguished. The bill market last years in general considerably reduces the share in the market of loans. Bills are less liquid, have the cash form and should be checked on authenticity. And as it is possible three-monthly bills refinansirovat short-term debts, after all they - very short-term loan “.

“ Two billion roubles - a great sum. Not clearly, what for such money to involve for such short term, - the general director of Open Company „finam - Rostov“ tells Artem Hachatrjan. - it is possible, JUTK wants to clean balance, to lower accounts payable is will allow the company to look better for short term, for a short while to raise liquidity “.

“ Short-term bills far not the cheapest way of attraction of means. The large companies gravitate more to credits and bonds. But bills is concerning a simple way “ - analyst FK " speaks; Uralsib “ Konstantin Belov.

Alexander Dobrjakov agrees that bills are chosen in particular from - for simplicity of such programs. “ Bills do not demand state registration and the issue prospectus that considerably saves means of the drawer. This tool orders business relations between partners (with “ Communication - Bank “. - „“) also accelerates carrying out of transactions “.

the Councillor of directors JUTK (the independent director) Denis Kulikov considers what to use other debt tools of the company it would be heavy. “ now bonded loans in Russia roads. JUTK means including for repayment of obligations are necessary, and to involve long money to it now it is almost impossible. In this situation release of bills looks successful enough decision “ - he has declared “”.

Yesterday in JUTK could not inform, who became the purchaser of the first tranche.

Alexander Vorobev