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Israel plans to cancel visas to Russians in June

Israel plans on March, 20th during visit of head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation of Sergey Lavrova to sign the agreement on cancellation of visas between two countries. In this case already in the end of June the contract will come into force. Sergey Lavrov plans to visit from March, 19 till March, 21st during the period Syria, Israel and the Palestinian territories. The agreement on visa-free regime introduction in February has been approved by the government of the Russian Federation, and negotiations about cancellation of entrance documents have begun between Russia and Israel in September, 2007.
Sergey Lavrova`s visit schedule to Israel includes meetings with the president of the country Shimonom Peresom, premieres - minister Ehudom Olmertom and Tzipi Livni`s Minister for Foreign Affairs. It is supposed that during party visit will discuss palestino - the Israeli relations, possibilities of an exit of Gaza Strip from humanitarian crisis, and other problems of region. Then the agreement on cancellation of visas will be signed.

we Will remind, on January, 17th the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov has informed following the results of negotiations with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Israel of Tzipi Livni, on joint plans on signing in the near future agreements on a visa-free regime between Russia and Israel. today it is possible to tell that negotiations are finished. The agreement is ready. And after end of necessary procedures in our governments it will be signed - Sergey Lavrov has declared.

the Israeli minister of tourism of Itshak Aronovich within many months persistently achieved essential softening of a visa regime for the Russian tourists coming to Israel. By estimations minturizma, cancellation of visas to visiting of Israel will lead to growth of quantity of tourists from Russia almost six times - with 60 to 350 thousand persons a year. By estimations of the Israeli authorities, with increase in a stream of tourists in the country there will be 7 thousand workplaces, and incomes of the state treasury will annually replenish on $350 million

In December, 2007 Russia and Israel declared end of the coordination of the draught agreement on mutual refusal of visa formalities and have begun interstate procedures which are necessary for its conclusion. The beginning to negotiating process on this question has put the joint statement of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrova and Israel Tzipi Livni in New York in September of last year.