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Sports interest

Opening of hypermarket Decathlon in May will begin repartition of the Russian market of the sport goods: it is the first case when world sports ritejler has started to develop a network in Russia independently.

on May, 6th in Moscow suburbs, on 84 - the m MKAD kilometre, has opened the first vrossii hypermarket Decathlon. Arrival known French setimozhet considerably to change the market of the sport goods, to recent vremenistabilnyj.

Decathlon operates 350 shops in 14 countries of the world. Etodiskaunter which earns exclusively on prodazhesobstvennyh marks in the big hypermarkets. So, ploshchadotkryvshegosja Decathlon - 8 thousand in sq. m. For comparison: liderrossijskogo the market of the sport goods - “ the Sport master “ - only sejchasnachinaet to develop “ two-thousand “ a format.

the Concept sports diskauntera is absolutely new to Russia as leaders of the market began with the top segment and while lishosvaivajut srednetsenovoj. It is easy to guess that at Decathlon vnashej to the country quite good prospects, especially if to consider, chtokompanija works in Russia independently: before its arrival mirovyeseti operated in our country only in partnership with mestnymikompanijami.

the First was Sport2000: one of the largest western ritejlerov β2003 - m together with “ the Sport master “ has started franchajzingovuju a network “ sportlandija “. A year Intersport has gone later further away, sozdavfranchajzingovuju a network under own brand and having declared about namereniismestit “ the Sport master “ from a pedestal.

If Frenchmen will start to invest in the Russian market, onismogut quickly to overtake for competitors, and is unsweetened it is necessary as medljashchimpoka to the western players, and domestic ritejleram. After all tempyrosta the market of the sport goods recently are slowed down: if ransheezhegodnyj growth was equal 25-30 % in 2005 rates have decreased do16-17 %, and the sales volume has made $2,6 billion However, it does not mean that the domestic market is unpromising: the share of sales sportivnyhsetej makes only 22 %, while 34 % sporttovarovpokupajutsja in the markets.

However, “ the Sport master “ is not going to surrender and too aktivnorasshirjaet a network: in the last two days it has increased twice, to 85 points. Today in plans at the leader - for two years dovestikolichestvo shops to 300. To fulfil the promise, kompaniipridetsja sharply to accelerate and open in a year not on 40 shops, abolee than on 100. Thus “ the Sport master “ plans to integrate formatmagazinov (to 2 thousand sq.). How it is possible to realise obaetih a plan, remains a riddle. And excessive romanticism liderarynka - the good reason for attack.

Other players the applicant for leadership can and at all ostavitbez attention: the Krasnodar network “ the Higher league “ At all pytaetsjavyjti for limits of the house market and to come nearer to capitals, achetvertyj the player in the market, “ the Trial - sports “ has chosen nishevuju strategy which though preserves its business, but simultaneously javljaetsjafaktorom, containing growth.

If after Decathlon western ritejlery make active svojudejatelnost in Russia, to many Russian companies pridetsjapostoronitsja. Two years ago a network “ Epicentre “ occupying 15%μξρκξβρκξγξ the market, has already refused trade in sport stock, having counted on sportswear and footwear.

“ the Sport master “
the Company of the first has started to create moshchnujuset - at first aggressively mastering capitals, and then razvernuvnatsionalnuju expansion. Though now appears more and more silnyhkonkurentov, it confidently holds till now the first place.

quantity of shops in 2003: “ the Sport master “ - 45, “ sportlandija “ - 0
Quantity of shops in 2005: “ the Sport master “ - 85, “ sportlandija “ - 87
Strategy: to keep leadership under the pressure of coming vrossiju global players, developing not only “ the Sport master “ but iseti in other price segments; for the insurance razvivatfranchajzingovye networks in the adjacent markets.
tactics: record investments into development of a title network (opening of shops in regions and advertising); development franchajzingovojseti in a budgetary segment under a brand “ sportlandija “ (together sglobalnoj Sport 2000); a diversification of business with pomoshchjufranchajzingovyh monobrand shops Columbia and O’Neil, trading in sportswear and footwear.
problems: mixture of formats (“ sportlandii “ not always udaetsjauderzhivatsja within the limits of a budgetary network).
Result: the company turn has made $450-500 million, “ to the Sport master “ it is possible to keep leadership.
the new purposes: to integrate a network “ the Sport master “ (to translate magazinyv a format from 2 thousand sq.); by 2008 to increase everyone izsportivnyh networks “ the Sport master “ and “ sportlandija “ to 300 shops to develop new franchajzingovuju shoe network Footterra.

Intersport - one of the largest sportivnyhritejlerov the world with an annual turnover $9,1 billion In Russia nachalrazvivatsja only since 2004, having chosen in quality modelidvuhurovnevuju franchajzingovuju a network. The main partner - jugoslavskajakompanija Delta Holding, owning 20 shops “ Delta - sports “. Result - the second place in a year after an exit on our market.

quantity of shops in 2003: 0
Quantity of shops in 2005: 70
Strategy: to become the leader of the Russian market, having bypassed “ the Sport master “ at the expense of lower prices and sravnimogoassortimenta.
Tactics: opening in regions sredneformatnyh shops (400-800 sq.) under the subfranchise, in Moscow and Petersburg - sobstvennyhmagazinov “ Intersport Russia “ larger format (800-1500 sq.), the rate on own brands Intersport (their share the company hochetdovesti to 50 %).
Problems: own brands Intersport are unknown in Russia that demands additional investments into their advancement; logistikane is in time behind fast growth of a network - counters are empty even vsobstvennyh shops “ Intersport Russia “.
Result: a company turn, by expert estimations, sostavil$150-200 with million - to catch up “ the Sport master “ yet it is not possible, but vtoroemesto after a year of work - a quite good reserve for the future.
the New purposes: by 2009 to expand a network to 300 shops, azatem to displace “ the Sport master “ from a pedestal.

“ the Higher league “
This Krasnodar network - samyjoriginalnyj the player in the market of a sports retail. She does not aspire vstolitsy, being limited to the house market and developing for schetekspansii in the next regions. It is not excluded that at such ρςπΰςεγθθ3 - e a place - a temporary phenomenon.

quantity of shops in 2003: 10
Quantity of shops in 2005: 27
Strategy: to keep the place in a three of leaders, razvivajapremialnuju a network in Krasnodar territory, Stavropol, Rostov.
tactics: to open small shops (300 sq. natsentralnyh streets of cities and in large shopping centres, vassortimentnoj to the politician to stake on world famous brands, almost without working with little-known exclusive suppliers, to develop monobrand shops together with Nike and Adidas.
Problems: the rate on network development even in nebolshihregionalnyh cities leads to problems with search approaching for “ the Higher league “ floor spaces that limits razvitiekompanii.
Result: by expert estimations in extrawhich region cities the company supervises 40-50 % ranka that daetoborot $37 million (almost double growth since 2003) and while 3 - e mestopo Russia.
the new purposes: by 2010 to expand a network to 100 shops iuvelichit a turn to $150 million, leaving in the next regions - on rynkipovolzhja and Chernozem region.

“ the Trial - sports “
Unique from the companies - the leaders, staking on sport stock, and developing before vsegotovary for extreme sports: mountain skiing, snowboarding, bicycles, roller skates. This strategy does not promise burnogorosta, but that clients will not leave dazheposle arrival of global networks allows to hope.

quantity of shops in 2003: 23
Quantity of shops in 2005: 31
Strategy: to develop a regional network, representing itself kakmagazin for fans of extreme sports.
tactics: to stake on assortment width vekstremalnyh categories - all in network shops predstavlenobolee 40 extreme - marks, with which manufacturers zakljuchenyekskljuzivnye contracts; rich assortimentnaja a policy pozvoljaetderzhat the high prices though the majority of shops are located vregionah (at “ the Trial - sports “ Only three shops on suburb Moskvyploshchadju less than 500 sq.
Problems: a competition from the shops specialising on sale of the goods for one sport.
result: the company has reached a turn of $27 million and sohranjaetsvoe a place in the market, being the leader in separate niches, for example vprodazhe mountain skis and roller skates.
the new purposes: to keep superiority in nishevyh segments, to resist to pressure Intersport and Decathlon, prodvigajushchihsobstvennye sport stock brands.