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Event of week - Veronica`s Double life (La double vie de Veronique, 1991) Kshishtofa Keslevsky, the Pole whom it is possible to name the first director of incorporated Europe (on March, 14th, Culture 00. 20 ****) . Keslevsky usually name the Catholic director, sometimes - the Catholic mystic, as if it is enough these formulas to explain its creativity. Yes, it picturized ten precepts, but never was the moralist: its God plays with people, is unpredictable and incomprehensible. A case - one of protagonists of its films. In the Double life long time is not clear, where the director drives, telling story of the doubles, two Veronicas: one - the singer from Krakow, another - the music-master in the French city of Klermon - Ferran. They are not familiar, but vaguely feel that are not lonely . They will meet, without guessing that: Having arrived to Poland, the Frenchwoman will appear on the area captured by disorders on which will run it the sister and even will photograph it. But this meeting - nevstrecha will appear fatal. Well, lips of the puppeteer - the medium Keslevsky will be offered in the ending as though by a history explanation, so mysterious, as well as she: say, God as the puppeteer, does duplicates of the creations, so, just in case. But Spaniard Alehandro Amenabar though has received Oscar for the Sea inside (Mar adentro, 2004) , the debate started by it about life and death (on March, 16th, " has brilliantly ruined; Culture 23. 00 **) . When any theme becomes fashionable, media it it is inevitable devalviruetsja: so has occurred in the Sea with a theme evtanazii. The hero - the seaman, from any nonsense dived from a rock during outflow and since then confined to bed, 30 years struggles for the right to die. The person in such condition has the right to be intolerable, but passion of Ramona to teach all associates does by its not so pleasant hero. As Javier Bardem is not going too to suffer on the screen to the detriment of the romantic image. Wishing to look at a problem stereoskopicheski, Amenabar overloads a film with the characters expressing on a theme evtanazii, but quantity of characters in the invalid chairs steadily increasing on the screen, can provoke spectators unless to cynical laughter, but in any way on sympathy tears. good life (La vie de chateau, 1965) Jean - Polja Rappno gives crystal-clear pleasure what is able to deliver only French comedies 1960 - h (on March, 14th, Culture 21. 00 ***) . At the general de Gaulle war could be removed only in two registers. Or heroic epopees with bronze heroes. Or films and - lja the Big walk : ridiculous, but nice inhabitants is dashing make a fool comical fritsev, resolving in passing personal problems. In such spirit it is sustained Good life . The owner of Norman lock Zherom marries for love the daughter of the farmer: she passionately dreams of Paris where the husband at all does not pull. However, it is fast in the lock the full brothel begins. Mari make eyes both German major Klopshtok, and handsome man Zhjulen dumped on a parachute, the emissary de Gaulle. In general Zheromu remains nothing how to take the wife and to go - taki to Paris: on the reservation of tanks of general Leklerka. Kevin Smith`s humour, the author Clerks - 2 (Clerks II, 2006), puzzles (on March, 17th, the First channel 3. 05 ***) . As well as in the first Clerks two couples of heroes, whether exemplary representatives " here operate; generations H silently sabotaging a consumer society, whether it is simple cretins. Dante and Rendal fry hamburgers in fast food. Jack and the Silent Bean all day and night prop up a wall, pretending that trade in drugs. They dream to bang the Martian and compare Star wars with the Lord of rings : retelling - a pantomime of the trilogy of Peter Jackson - one of the best moments of a film. However all it turns pale in comparison with Kevin Smith`s main attraction: having ordered itself an attraction under the name Animal sex heroes become witnesses of mean violence to which the jockstrap in sadomazohistskoj to a harness subjects in what not the guilty burro.