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Anton Piskareva is waited by a normal way of life

to Anton Piskarevu who has transferred a sarcoma of Juinga, German endoprotez with a mobile knee joint now is guaranteed. We have told story of it 14 - the summer Muscovite in on February, 29th, Anton was threatened with loss of the foot amazed with a cancer, but now these fears behind, because readers and a site www. rusfond. ru have raised money on endoprotez. To the middle of April of scientific research institute of N.N.Blohina will receive an artificial limb, and Anton will operate.
with it endoprotezom Anton will be socially adapted and can conduct a normal way of life, as its contemporaries - it is assured the leading research assistant of branch of a tumour oporno - the impellent device of scientific research institute of N.N.Blohina Ivanov`s Hope.

yesterday when this number of the newspaper was imposed, from scientific research institute of a name of Blohina good news about other hero of page of the Russian fund of the help, ten years` astrahantse Arthur Eremushkine has come (see from November, 23rd, 2007). At it the same trouble, as at Anton Piskareva, - a sarcoma of Juinga of the right femur. And so, today surgeons of its scientific research institute operate, having established endoprotez, got on money of our readers. Recently to Arthur have followed an additional policy of chemotherapy, and now, according to the doctors, the right moment for operation. We will necessarily inform on results of both operations.

and here still news.

are paid: operations concerning congenital heart diseases to Alina Volchek (8 months from a sort, 191 196 rbl.) and to Denis Safronov (18 years, 191 770 rbl.) from Altay territory, to inhabitants of Udmurtiya to Aleshe Guschin (6 years, 186 600 rbl.) and Naste Nosachevoj (13 years, 186 600 rbl.); operations concerning a scoliosis of Jule Chirve (14 years, 189 584 rbl., Khakassia), Valerii Antonovoj (13 years, 185 384 rbl., the Tyumen region) ; Slave Staryginu treatment of a children`s cerebral paralysis in cost of 156 thousand rbl. (6 years, the Tyumen region), to Arseny Chibisovu (1 year, the Moscow region), to Maxim Razumovu (6 years, the Kemerovo region), and also Katya Devjatkinoj (11 months from a sort, 138 800 rbl., Sverdlovsk region); cheljustno - obverse operations to Vitaly Garmashu (14 years, 70 thousand rbl., the Rostov region), to Alain Harchebnikovoj (8 years, 145 thousand rbl., Republic Altai), the Sachet to Muravlevu (13 years, 150 thousand rbl., the Tula region), Eugene Shendrigajlovoj (8 years, 105 thousand rbl., the Kaluga region); operation concerning congenital bilateral kosolaposti Time Korenju (8 months from a sort, 84 thousand rbl., the Rostov region).

It is sent: 285 thousand rbl. on protivogribkovyj a preparation vifend for treatment limfoblastnogo lejkoza the Ice crust of Hapchuk (12 years, St.-Petersburg) and Christina Kapitonovoj (14 years, the Leningrad region) ; 67 thousand rbl. on Bore Verzunu invalid carriage (6 years, a spinal muscular atrophy, St.-Petersburg).

Have helped: welfare fund Russian gift of life a help Society to Russian children (they are the USA), a family Hopp (Germany), Joint-Stock Company PMP, Zhukov Maxim Vladimirovich, Natalia from the head, Jacob Maksimovich (all - St.-Petersburg), Igor Ilich (Kaliningrad), Vladimir (Estonia), Ravil (Tolyatti the Samara region), Alexander and Olga Alekseevna (Tula), a group of companies the XXI-st century (Rostov-on-Don), Ilya Minaev (Perm), Arina and Alexey, Alexey (all - Nizhni Novgorod), Joint-Stock Company the Company the TransTV set the company M.Video one medical site, Joint-Stock Company UK Libra the Capital Joint-Stock Company TPG Kuntsevo Lawyer bureau, Cousins Victor Isaakovich (the president of Open Company Oil technologies ) Herman, Alexey Innokentevich Fedorov, Alexander Mihajlovich Orlov, Oleg Slavomirovich, Victor and Irina, three Andreys, Irina Vladimirovna, four Dmitrys, Nail, four Sergeys, Boris, Vladimir, Hope, Evgenie, Rustam, Andrey Evgenevich, Lyudmila, Andrey Jurevich, Ivan, two Alexeys, four Alexanders, Olesya, two Marinas, Phillip, two Tatyanas, Julia, two Vladislavs, two Natalias, Nina, Oksana, Olga, Leonid, Vitaly, Tatyana Viktorovna, the Hope, two Irinas, Valentine, Denis, Svetlana, Alexander, two Annas, Sofia, Kira, Nikolay, Elena Vladimirovna, Ivan Ivanovich, Evgenie, Ekaterina, a family Georgievsky, Leon, Vyacheslav, Ilgizar Vaisovich, Igor, Anton, Larissa, Lyudmila Nikolaevna, Inna (all - Moscow).


the Full text of the report is published on a site www. rusfond. ru.