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The clockwork boy

the Russian fund of the help (RFP) is created in the autumn of 1996 for the help to authors of desperate letters in . Having checked up letters by means of local authorities, we publish them in in to the Newspaper. ru and on a site www. rusfond. ru. Having decided to help, you receive at us requisites of authors and further operate. Money through us does not go. We simply help you to help. The invention was pleasant to readers: in total it is collected over $21,64 million In 2008 (for March, 13th) it is collected 29 283 370 rbl. We will organise also help actions in days of national accidents: to 53 families of the lost miners of mine Zyrjanovsky (Kuzbas), to 57 families of the burnt down Samara militiamen, 153 families suffered from explosions in Moscow and Volgodonsk, to 118 families of seamen of a nuclear-powered submarine Kursk to 52 families of the lost hostages the North - Osta to 39 families of victims on February, 6th, 2004 in the Moscow underground, to 100 families of victims in Beslan. Fund - the winner of the national award Silver luchnik .

the fund Address: 125252 Moscow, and/ I 50; www. rusfond. ru; e - a mail: rfp@kommersant. ru.

phones: 8 - 499 - 943 - 91 - 35, 8 - 499 - 158 - 69 - 04 with 10. 00 to 21. 00.

Page is prepared with assistance of welfare fund the Help .