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“ Kovent - Garden “ has eclipsed itself

Royal ballet of Great Britain has shown the program from three one-act ballets which have captured 45 years of his life - with 1962 for 2006. TATYANA - KUZNETSOVA believes that the English present is finer than the past.
the program has united an advanced achievement of Royal ballet of Great Britain - ballet “ Chrome “ 2006 directed by Wayne McGregor with achievements of the last century by Kenneth Macmillan`s one-act performances, one of the most esteemed choreographers of Britain. Blockbusters of the late classic - “ Manon “ “ Romeo and Juliette “ “ Majerling “ - from troupe repertoire “ Kovent - Garden “ do not drop out never, and here numerous odnoaktovki renew in process of requirement. In this season the turn " has come; Spring sacred “ 1962 year of birth and “ Other drummer “ composed by mister Macmillan in 1984. These ballets are really indicative for time when they have been put, and their this main advantage.

“ spring sacred “ - the answer of Britain to French (is more true, Belgian) a demarche: the troupe of Morisa Bezhara has shown in London the version of ballet of Stravinsky, unprecedented on erotic frankness, just in the beginning 1960 - h. Literaturotsentrichnyj Kenneth Macmillan has gone some other way: formally behind Stravinsky`s score, actually - behind anti-Utopias of Oruella. Designer Sidni Nolan has got up herd from 48 oboepolyh dancers in identical orange body stockings with stains in the form of huge prints of palms: the floor of these osvezhevannyh zaklejmennyh carcasses can be defined only on heads - bald or serebristo - patlatym. A horrible human material somebody operates invisible: individuals intensively move, making cells, honeycombs, ranks and numbers, are amicably piled up each other on shoulders or organizovanno are spread on a floor. Having moved apart feet in a wide second position, equally vigorously move hips, training reproduction process even in the absence of real partners.

a doll with the broken mechanism which has turned out at the performer of a role of Darling Tamara Roho (the ballerina round, cosy, exhausting long before final “  destructions “) It is not capable to cause the protest, even pity. It is not excluded, however, that the choreographer had been conceived opposite effect: on the prime minister in 1962 this role danced present rukovoditelnitsa ballet troupe Monika Mason - the lady statnaja, strong-willed, capable and on a corporal expression, and on actor`s dramatic nature. But at any performer makmillanovskaja the anti-Utopia looks today the curious document of an epoch, it is no more: in all components, from ideology to telodvizheny, it is too illustrative and rectilinear.

“ other drummer “ - the first attempt of ballet interpretation of one of the most mysterious plays of XIX century “ Vojtseka “ George Bjuhnera. Kenneth Macmillan has neglected Berg`s opera music, having grouped the ballet score from compositions of its contemporaries - Arnold Shenberga and Anton Veberna. The cocktail has turned out terrible if to consider aspiration of the choreographer distinctly to tell story of the soldier killing the mistress and mother of the child, and at the same time to be uttered at once about all: and about a drama of the small person, and about brutality of war, and about absurdizm as the art phenomenon, and about painful searches of new choreographic language. Peter Farleja`s registration (night, a lantern and a pig-iron bath) does not add responsibility to performance in which under atonalnosti Shenberga rhythmical a step - zhete skip on a scene battalions with rifles napereves. Here soldiers behave violently in a brothel with gas masks on a head; the woman - the doctor incessantly stacks Vojtseka on a medical wheelchair, that poterebit it for eggs; the heroine toils with a doll representing the child, continually postponing it for a floor to make the next pases; and the hero represents sufferings, dancing on own neck - a word, it is available all signs of crisis of the British choreography of an epoch 1980 - h.

That its transformation in any 20 years more fantastically looks. “ chrome “ choreographer McGregor, architect Pousona, svetodizajnera Lucy Carter and composer Dzhobi Talbota it is valid a show from the future. Light streams change a white cube of a scene that in a canvas plane, in a three-dimensional architectural breadboard model, in virtual computer space. Imperceptibly changing shades of light manipulate perception, immersing public in a blissful trance or inspiring unaccountable anxiety. In it infernalno - sterile space dancers arise and disappear, as on a clique of the computer mouse. Choreographer McGregor creates uncountable variations on the basis of opening “ the programmer “ Forsyte 20 - summer prescription. “ Raschlenenka “ Bodies (when each joint moves on own trajectory) develops in the distinct story about loneliness, thirst of love and razdryzgannom private world of the modern person. Formal receptions on which duets (in one are under construction are used only supports without the aid of hands, in other the woman always remains a back to the partner, in the third, on the contrary, does not tear off a sight from his face), appear the best means for the most thin psychological analysis of human mutual relations. Against hypnotic “ Hromy “ all world ballet achievements of last years seem documents of the left century. Also the theatre which has such future is happy.