Rus News Journal


GMII it. Of A.S.Pushkin

“ the Japanese classical xylographie XVIII - XIX centuries “/ till April, 20th

“ Pavel Murat - the person of the Silver age “/ till April, 20th

the State Tretyakov gallery

“ Toulouse - Lotrek. The Parisian pleasures “/ till May, 4th

the State Tretyakov gallery on Crimean to a shaft

“ Makovets “/ till March, 31st

“ Artists in game cinema “/ till March, 30th

“ the Golden Fleece “/ till May, 11th

the State museums of the Kremlin

“ Belief and the power. Art of an epoch of Ivan the Terrible “/ till April, 6th

the State historical museum

“ Traces of the past. Treasures of national history from museums of the Russian Federation in halls GIM “/ till April, 7th

“ 12 hours of 40 minutes of democracy “/ till March, 30th

the State centre of the modern art

the Exhibition of nominees of the award “ the Innovation “/ till the end of March

the Moscow museum of the modern art (in Ermolaevsky)

Boris Orlov. “ troops terrestrial and troops heavenly “/ till March, 16th

the Museum of Modern Art (on Petrovka)

“ Last doll hero “ Kejd Bushanan/ till March, 23rd

Alina Bljumis, Dzhef Bljumis/ till April, 13th

the Museum of actual art ART4. ru

Boris Turetsky. A drawing/ till March, 28th

Fund “ Ekaterina “

“ Krasnoarmejsky studio “/ till March, 31st

Stella Art Foundation

“ the reflexion Theory “. Ivan Chujkov/ till March, 30th


“ the ART ARROW “

Alexander Agafonov. Photos. Gallery “ the Eye “/ till March, 22nd

“ Our artists “

“ Russian still-life of the XX-th century “/ till April, 5th

Gallery “ the Ark “

“ Far from Moscow “/ till April, 26th

Gallery “ Murtuz “

“ the Socialist realism in a print of the Moscow artists “. A drawing/ till April, 3rd

Gallery RuArts

“ Time Translation “. Igor Vuloh and Evgenie Dybsky/ till March, 22nd

the modern art Center “ Winery “

Gallery “ proun “

Irina Zatulovsky. Painting/ till March, 28th

Gallery “ Ridzhina “

“ In search of horizon “. Sergey Bratkov. A photo/ till April, 10th

Gallery “ Ajdan “

“ good Empire “. Konstantin Latyshev/ till March, 28th

Gallery “ XL “

Sergey Shehovtsov. A throne/ till March, 31st

Paperworks Gallery

Ilya Kitup. A drawing/ till March, 25th

“ Fΰαπθκΰ “

“ Bud Ossendorf “. Igor Chepikov. A photo/ till March, 23rd