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In Russia introduction " is planned; a curfew for minors

the Vice-president of the commission of Public chamber (OP) on the social and demographic policy Evgenie Jurev has informed that in the State Duma the project about introduction in Russia " is developed; a curfew for minors. The committee of the State Duma concerning a family, women and children is engaged in it with support OP. the Curfew it is already entered in the Belgorod region.
Jurev has informed that a curfew for minors it is provided by the bill About the organisation and control of free time and leisure of minors which is developed by committee of the State Duma concerning a family, women and children with support OP.

the Bill assumes, according to Jureva, Establishment of restrictions on time of a finding of minors in streets and in other public places, for example, in parks, the Internet - cafe, bars, cinemas and entertainment complexes . Restriction for minors is elderly till 10 years is imposed for a while from 20:00 till local time, in June - August - from 21 o`clock to 7 o`clock in the morning; for children till 14 years - from 22 o`clock till, in summertime - from 22:30 till; for children to 16 - from 23 o`clock till and from 23:30 till accordingly. Children can be at this time in the street accompanied by parents, trustees or their lawful representatives.

a curfew or is faster commandant`s night for children now already exists, for example, in the Belgorod region, and also in Latvia and in Azerbaijan - Jurev has informed.

the Bill also establishes an interdiction on long (more than four hours) the finding of children is more younger 10 years without supervision of adults. According to representative OP. The measure of responsibility for the parents who have broken this interdiction is now discussed. responsibility can be administrative, but it is very difficult to prove that the child where - that at night one without supervision. Responsibility should be both for parents, and for public institutions if in them the group of minor teenagers " spends time late at night and at night; - Jurev has told.