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The Russian biathlonist has won a World Cup stage

Russian Svetlana Sleptsova has won gold in sprint on the ninth, finishing, a World Cup stage on biathlon which started on March, 13th in Norwegian Holmenkollene. The sportswoman has overcome a distance in 7,5 km for 21 minutes 47,6 seconds 21 - the summer representative Hunts - Mansijska left on a distance of the tenth. It has passed the first shooting purely, and on the second has admitted one miss, but it has not prevented to show it the best result.
Frenchwoman Sandrin Baji and the German Magdalena Nojner were real applicants for a victory after the first shooting. These two biathlonists - the main pretenders to a victory in the general offset of a World Cup, on their account set of victories.

the second place was occupied with the Swede a Torah Berger, having lagged behind Sleptsovoj on 7,4 seconds Katya Vilhelm`s German who has conceded to the Russian 9,9 seconds Has closed a three of prize-winners it is necessary to notice that both sportswomen have not admitted any miss in firing lines.

Ekaterina Jureva has shown the sixth result. Its backlog from the girlfriend on command has made 19, 1 second Natalia Gusev has finished race on 24 - m a place, Ekaterina Jurlova - on 34 - m, Uljana Denisov - on 36 - m, Anna Kunaeva - on 48 - m, Yana Romanov - on 58, Oksana Neupokoeva - on 72 - m.

the German Magdalena Nojner thanks to the seventh place has provided to itself the small crystal globe in sprint. The biathlonist has typed 326 points and has outstripped Frenchwoman Sandrin Baji who has conceded Nojner only eight points.

in dispute for the big crystal globe 21 - the summer German also has come forward. After sprint race in an active of Nojner 773 points. On the second place its compatriot Andrea Henkel, at which 755 points has risen. Baji has fallen on the third line (751).

we Will notice that Svetlana Sleptsovoj already has one gold cup medal. But the owner of this award it became after Finn Kajsu Makarajnen disqualified for the dope use. Today`s gold - the first, won by Sleptsovoj on a ski track.

by the way, dopingovye troubles have not passed by our command. It became known that at Tatyana Moiseevoj in the World championship in Estersunde test And has yielded positive result. In blood of the Russian sportswoman the preparation which has been not shown to application during the competitive period has been found out, but test is not opened yet, about disqualification to speak early.