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Success portraits

the World of heroes of glossy magazines appears at an exhibition of photos from magazine Vanity Fair in the London National portrait gallery. To how the list of heroes has considerably changed, was surprised specially for ALEXEY - MOKROUSOV.
an exhibition Vanity Fair. Portraits opened in National portrait gallery in London, covers almost a century of a photo in the most well-known clever glossy magazine of the world.

Hillari Suonk running on seacoast, the Madonna in search of the next image, all stars of mute cinema: from Charlie Chaplin to Grety Garbo... The earliest shot here is dated 1913 when the magazine has appeared in the market, the freshest are made last months. However, one and a half hundreds the pictures making an exposition, are distributed non-uniformly. Since 1936 the magazine did not leave throughout almost half a century. But this circumstance will upset only the one who aspires to see the exhaustive list of celebrities of century in a set of pictures. At the London exhibition other purposes.

in halls closely so as if show the unknown person Leonardo. And can, even is even closer. The section of old photos uses special popularity thus. Among authors - Man Rej, Edward Stajhen and Sesil Biton, among heroes - Claude Monet in the garden in Zhiverni, machoobraznyj Hemingway, resolute Virginia Woolf, the discharged Albert Einstein... Intellectual stars come across and next decades: is both playwright Arthur Miller, and artist David Hokni, and even the goddess of clever magazines Susan Zontag performed by its girlfriend Ann Lejbovits.

High society, and trace and the world of fashionable magazines simulating it always pulled to the world of creative people, thinkers and the guru of all vysokolobyh arts. And they could not refuse to themselves pleasure to stand out on melovannyh pages. Business not only in requirement of public relations, desire to be familiar with all in absentia, but also in mutual draught of a predator and a victim, the terrorist and the hostage, the hunter and game - and both the reader, and the hero here continuously change roles.

but as a whole the tendency remains the proof: the more close by our days, the more priest - and movie stars, let and performed by Helmuta Newton or Mario Testino. Certainly, and in early years the magazine printed film stars - where without them? But the legendary Josephine Bejker embodied by George Hojningenom`s figure - Hjunom, is still submitted as a secret embodiment. And Gloria Svenson`s who have been removed behind a veil person as if in a mask from playing shades, differs from the smoothed and tightened masks of modern actresses. When Hillari Suonk runs - soars over sea coast - oh as remarkably transfers a picture energy of success! Whether but so important it appears as a result who exactly posesses this trained body, whose hair flutter over a surf? What in Normana Jean Reja`s this effective picture specific to Suonk? Much would change, replace we it on professional begunju, pumped up by a dope instead of cinema glory?

however, transfer of the name of magazine Vanity Fair does not contradict it at all. When - that Tekkerej named this phenomenon vanity Fair today two words were reduced to one - purring a glamour or hushing luster . This transition throughout decades from the people self-sufficient in the work, to characters at whom the success becomes already the work purpose is clear also. From here both more complicated stage settings, and likening of all characters to heroes of one teleshow.

especially visually this distinction is visible on a double portrait of Douglas of Fairbanks and Dzhoan Crawford (1929, Nicolas Mjureja`s picture). Actors represent here the happy married couple which has leant to each other by a back on a beach. Ann Lejbovits in 2001 has embodied on a huge photocloth seven present legends of Hollywood - from Vanessy Redgrave and Katrin Deneuve to Nicole Kidman and Penelopy Cruise. High-quality imitation of a traditional family portrait in English style. Only the bonds connecting characters of Lejbovits where is stronger related are the communications providing duration of success, melting a name in a label, popularity - in money.