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In Malaysia were mistaken with the successor

In Malaysia yesterday the government generated following the results of extraordinary parliamentary elections has started to work. Ruling coalition National front (NF) has shown the worst result for all history, having lost at once 60 deputy places. Despite it, the office was headed again by Abdulla Ahmad Badavi who became five years ago the successor of prime minister Mahathira Mohammad.
the extraordinary parliamentary elections which have passed in Malaysia on Saturday, have brought ruling coalition the most unfavourable result more than for half a century of its stay in power. Having organised elections for a year before the planned term, prime minister Abdulla Ahmad Badavi expected to receive the new five years` mandate before predicted recession in economy ( in detail wrote about it on February, 14th). Results of elections of these expectations have not justified: NF has received 140 of 222 places in the parliament lower chamber, having lost 60 mandates. The ruling coalition has for the first time in history lost control over five of thirteen Malayan states (and the most dynamically developing regions have got to opposition hands), and also over federal territory of Kuala - Lumpur.

leaders NF have regarded similar result as defeat. Already after leading TSIKom of preliminary results many authoritative politicians of the senior generation have urged the prime minister to retire. The main opponent of the head of the government became eks - prime minister Mahathir Mohammad, with blagoslovlenija which Abdulla Ahmad Badavi and has headed an office in 2003. it has spent all our heritage and should recognise the absolute responsibility for this defeat - has declared eks - the prime minister. Mister Mohammad has in a pointed manner apologised before the country that was mistaken with the successor . However, mister Badavi has ignored admonitions of the senior companions: It has already taken the oath as the head of the government, and yesterday the new office has started to work.

experts believe that in weak results of elections really new management NF partly is guilty. Initially popularity of Badavi was based that it has replaced Mahathira Mohammad and its arrival promised to the country new prospects. However he has refused many ambitious projects of the predecessor, and to fulfil own promises to it too not quite it was possible, especially in fight against corruption questions - has declared the senior lecturer of Institute of the countries of Asia and Africa of the Moscow State University Alexey Kirichenko. According to the expert, have not proved and entering in NF the Chinese association of Malaysia and the Indian congress of Malaysia: They could not guarantee NF sufficient support of the Chinese and Indian part of electorate that has led to outflow of voters in opposition numbers .

As to opposition forces - Parties of national justice, Party of democratic actions and Islamic party they, on the contrary, have managed to be consolidated and spend active election campaign. the opposition has managed to agree about promotion of the co-ordinated nominees on each site, having avoided an unnecessary competition, - Alexey Kirichenko believes. - they have organised effective campaign in electronic mass-media and have created a counterbalance to traditional media resources which are under control to ruling coalition .

Position of a new office has appeared shaky enough: besides influential opponents inside NF against prime minister Badavi heads of the states which have passed to opposition have acted. As a result the new office should follow rather careful policy, including in foreign policy sphere. It can directly mention and the Russian interests. The matter is that last years Kuala - Lumpur was one of key partners of Moscow in region. Malaysia divided idea about necessity of creation the gas OPEC and the Malaysian state company Petronas closely connected with management NF, has good relations with Gazprom and Rosneft . Besides, the country is the heavy buyer of the Russian weapon.

however as experts believe, for military - technical cooperation with Malaysia while it is possible not to worry. as the market for the Russian weapon Malaysia anywhere will not get to, after all for already bought Russian planes of the Sou - ZOMKM still it is necessary dokupat spare parts and defeat aviameans, and these are not less than $1 mlrd, - the expert of the Center of the analysis of strategy and technologies Konstantin Makienko believes. - New contracts from the Russian Federation are quite possible, as Malaysia spends enough diversifitsirovannuju strategy of purchases of arms .