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Israeli hardliners will walk out when Merkel addresses Knesset in German

next week German chancellor Angela Merkel is going to address to members of the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem, and she will speak in the native language. However these plans have displeased the Israeli members of parliament adhering to the extremely right sights. One of them even has declared that before the chancellor will begin the performance, it will rise and leaves a hall.
the committee of the Knesseth on regulations where nine members of parliament enter, has decided to recede from usual procedure and to allow chancellor Merkel as which consider as one of the most true European allies of Israel, to address to Legislative Assembly, in spite of the fact that it the head of the government, instead of the states.

one of members of Knesseth Arie Eldad at whom as a result of the Holocaust the grandfather and the grandmother, and also other relatives in this connection has declared were lost: German speech is the last that heard mine the grandmother and the grandfather before them have killed. Orders on murders were given in German... I intend to rise and leave .

Other member of parliament Uri Ariel whom, as well as mister Eldad, is a member extremely right party Ihud leumi also is a part of minority in this committee, also has stated the protest against this decision.

however Ilan Ostfeld, a press - the secretary of the speaker of Knesseth Dalii Itsik, has declared that madam Merkel twice before coming to Israel as the chancellor and in last month accepting in Berlin the prime minister - the minister of Israel Ehuda Olmerta, very important leader European and a world scale, and also the close friend of Israel, and it has asked to allow to act to it in German .

This opposition is not something new. In 2000 too was a little not consent when the president of Germany Johannes Rau has acted in the Israeli parliament and became the first head of the German state who have acted in the Knesseth. He then spoke on - nemetski and has addressed to present with a passionate appeal to forgive to Germans that they have made . Some members of the Knesseth boycotted that performance, and also speech of the present president of Germany Horsta Keller in 2005.

the strongest protest against close political, diplomatic and a cultural contact with modern Germany was expressed before by not so much Jews of a German origin, how many what families have moved to Israel from Poland, such as mister Eldad who refuses to buy the goods of the German manufacture or to go to Germany.

Last night the director of the German fund of a name of Konrada Adenauera in Jerusalem Lars Hanzel has informed that results of polls spent by fund testify that elderly German Jews living in Israel who have lost many native in the Holocaust, actively support an establishment of close connections with modern Germany. And young Israelis show rather weak interest to Germany and other Europe.

shining voting of committee of the Knesseth, the German information publication Spiegel Online has noticed that united national religious party MAFDAL and party Ihud leumi represent the incorporated conservative party which members support creation of settlements in Gaza Strip and on the Western coast and the government of madam Merkel named existence of the Israeli settlements in these territories inadmissible and a hindrance to the world.

Newspaper The Jerusalem Post, shining last year visit of the chancellor to the country, has resulted statements of the Palestinian officials which have scarified Proisraeli a position of madam Merkel and its refusal to meet families of the Palestinian prisoners or to visit the Arabian quarters of Jerusalem.

Israel has agreed to establish diplomatic relations with Germany only in 1965, that is later 17 years after creation of the Israeli state and after long debate. On the Israeli state radio it is forbidden to broadcast Riharda Wagner`s products, the German composer - the anti-semite which creativity was honoured highly by nazis.

Germany has paid, by some estimations, $25 mlrd indemnifications to the Israelis who have endured the Holocaust.