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paternity Institute the Head of fraction of LDPR in the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky searches a cartridge
has addressed to the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with the request to create the fatherly capital by an example parent to stimulate men to improvement of a demographic situation in the country. The head of the state has told to mister Zhirinovsky that do not agree with such approach and considers correct own position on this question. the term the parent capital I have thought up, and the idea belongs to me. I recognised that on women the basic loading on a birth and education of the child " lies; - Vladimir Putin has noticed. We will remind, the right to reception of the similar capital in the Russian Federation is received by mothers who have given birth to the second child, and means can use on reaching the child of three-year age. Since January, 1st, 2008 the payment sum is increased from 250 thousand to 267,5 thousand rbl. At the same time the president has agreed that it is necessary to think how to support to paternity institute . We will notice that the paternity institute last years in Russia endures a condition close to crisis: since 2003 the Federal Agency of court enforcement officers fixes a steady tendency of increase in quantity decisions of the courts arriving to it on affairs about collecting of the alimony. The number of such affairs quickly grows: if in their 2005 was 1,4 million - already 1,7 million With 1992 - go for 2005 quantity of crimes under item 157 UK (malicious evasion from payment of means for the maintenance of children and invalid parents) has increased by the end of 2006 in 1,6 times, thus that the number of divorces for this period practically has not changed. The problem of maintenance of Russian children the alimony, by different estimations, concerns from 4,5 million to 10 million minors, and no more than 30 % of children from incomplete families receive money from the parent who has left a family.

Moscow all are more inaccessible and it is more attractive
According to institute Urban Land and company PricewaterhouseCoopers research, Moscow was in the lead as one of the markets of real estate most attractive in Europe. Among 27 European cities the Russian and Turkish capitals are named by 500 experts as the markets where first of all it is recommended to get real estate. Thus for the first time for five years of carrying out of similar researches the British capital has not got even to ten the most attractive. London is one of the basic markets, but it the expensive for new acquisitions - experts consider, having noticed also that in London financial risks and indicators of personal debts of townspeople have grown. Meanwhile the main analyst of the Russian guild of realtors Gennady Sternik declares that by the end of the next year habitation cost in Moscow will reach $8,5 - 9 thousand for 1 sq. m. The main reason of high rates of increase of cost of habitation in capital of Russia, according to mister Sternika, that the quantity of offers in the market of apartments is less, than quantity of solvent demand . Annually in Moscow it is offered 110 - 120 thousand apartments, including both primary, and secondary the markets, and quantity of Muscovites and visitors which wish to buy apartment, - 180 - 200 thousand, - the expert has explained. - therefore to the prices remains nothing, except how to grow .

is necessary to Moscow suburbs taxes of residents
Moscow regional Duma has brought in the State Duma as the legislative initiative the project of the federal law About experiment carrying out on distribution of the sums of the tax to incomes of physical persons between budgets in territory of the Moscow, Leningrad and Tver areas . The purpose of experiment which is offered to be spent in 2009 - 2011, working off of the mechanism of distribution of the tax to incomes of physical persons in a residence of the tax bearer in case of payment of this tax in a place of work of the tax bearer who is distinct from a place of its residence, as interbudgetary relations is. Initiators of the document consider that redistribution of receipt of the tax to incomes of physical persons will allow to provide more full with a package sotsuslug tax bearers in their residence. We will remind, now in Russia the order of payment of the tax to incomes of physical persons in a statement place on the account of the tax agent in tax department is established. It means that in budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation means of the tax for incomes of physical persons from the inhabitants which place of work is located in territory of other subject of the Russian Federation do not arrive. Therefore budgets of such areas receive less financial resources for development of the infrastructure providing requirement of the living population in medical, social and transport maintenance, and also in housing - public service. According to tax departments for 2006, cumulative losses of the budget of Moscow Region as a result nepostuplenija the tax to incomes of physical persons at payment of this tax in a place of work of the tax bearer who is distinct from a place of its residence, have exceeded 20 mlrd rbl.

Outflow of the capital does not disturb the Ministry of Finance
the Head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin has informed that outflow of the capital for January - February will make $15 of the Russian Federation - 20 billion However as the minister considers, it not an occasion to serious anxiety. during former times it would be essential event, but at the moment it at all has not caused deficiency of liquidity in us - mister Kudrin has noted, having underlined that does not expect any crisis phenomena, including in bank sphere, as the monetary offer adequately enough also does not cause any questions . For comparison: in the first quarter 2007 pure inflow of the foreign capital to Russia has made $13 mlrd, and 2006 for the same period - $6 billion In turn, Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation keeps the forecast on inflow of the capital to the Russian Federation in 2008 at level of $40 - 50 billion the Serious reasons to reconsider the forecast are not present. We are guided by inflow of the capital following the results of a year - chapter MERTa Elvira Nabiullina has informed. She has noticed that in January outflow of the capital from the Russian Federation at a rate of $9 mlrd was observed, but, as well as the head of the Ministry of Finance, has declared that strong negative tendencies we do not see . According to head MERTa, Russia, from the point of view of investors, it is attractive enough .

the Central Bank considers transfers
According to the Central Bank information, a turn of cross-border transfers of the physical persons who have been carried out in 2007 through systems of remittances and Mail of Russia has grown on 52 %, to $11,1 mlrd, against $7,3 mlrd in 2006. The Central Bank data includes data on the transfers executed through systems Anelik, Blizko, Contact, InterExpress, Migom, MoneyGram, PrivatMoney, Travelex, UNIStream, Western Union, AzijaEkspress the Pace Fast mail Guta Sprint the Gold crown the Leader . The Most part of a turn of transboundary remittances of physical persons is necessary on transfer of money from Russia. In 2005 it made 77 %, in 2006 - 82 %, in 2007 has increased to 85 %. The volume of transfers from the Russian Federation in 2007 has increased by 57 %, to $9,44 billion At the same time the volume of transfers in the Russian Federation has grown on 29 %, to $1,68 billion As a result negative balance of these transboundary operations (excess of the sums of remittances from the Russian Federation over the sums of transfers of Russia) has increased in 2007 by 65 %, to $7,76 mlrd, in comparison with $4,7 mlrd in 2006. In operations on transfer of means from the Russian Federation to the CIS countries last three years it was necessary 90 - 91 % of a total sum of operations. On transfer of remittances in the Russian Federation the share of the CIS countries for last three years consistently increased in operations from 38 % in 2005 to 43 % in 2006 and 52 % in 2007. In 2007 leadership on volume of transfers from Russia belonged to Uzbekistan ($1,67 mlrd), to Tajikistan ($1,63 mlrd), Armenia ($0,94 mlrd) and Moldova ($0,62 mlrd). On volume of transfers in the Russian Federation ahead Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan (on $0,21 mlrd), the USA ($0,19 mlrd) and Ukraine ($0,12 mlrd).

the Government has drawn the electroscheme
last week the Russian government has published the general scheme of placing of objects of electric power industry in the country, having estimated requirement for investments for branch of the Russian Federation till 2020 at a rate of 20,695 trln rbl. of More half of this sum - 11,616 trln rbl. - it is required on building and modernisation of power stations. The government expects that the power consumption will grow in Russia on 4,1 % a year and by 2010 will make 1197 mlrd kw ch, by 2015 - 1426 mlrd kw ch, and by 2020 - 1710 mlrd kw ch. The maximum variant provides mid-annual rates of increase of power consumption at a rate of 5,2 % a year - to 2000 mlrd kw ch by 2020. In gensheme the forecast of growth of power consumption on power zones and federal districts Russian Federations also is resulted. Input of new power capacities under the base scenario in 2006 - will make 2020 186,1 GVt and will be provided basically teplogeneratsiej (127,9 GVt). The atomic power stations should develop 32,3 GVt capacities, and HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION - 25,9 GVt. Thus if in teplogeneratsii the peak of inputs is necessary for the period till 2015, for nuclear and hydrogeneration - on 2016 - 2020. The requirement for capital investments on a construction of electronetwork objects with 2006 - go for 2020 is estimated in 9,078 trln rbl. of the Investment into power stations in 2006 - 2015 should make 6,742 trln rbl., and in 2016 - 2020 - 4,873 trln rbl. the Most part of investments is required to sector of thermal generation - 6,531 trln rbl. In atomic engineering sphere should be invested 3,049 trln rbl., and in water-power engineering - 2,035 trln Leaving of capacities of operating power stations in 2006 - will make 2020 rbl. 49,5 GVt. The requirement for fuel by 2010 will grow to 356,8 million tons of conditional fuel (at. t.) And by 2020 - to 427,9 million tons at. t.

$9,42 mlrd were translated in 2007 by means of payment systems and mail from Russia by citizens of the different states. It on 57 % more than year before

11,616 trln rub ., according to the Russian government, it is required till 2020 on building and modernisation of power stations in the country

200 thousand legal bodies, according to Federal customs service, carry out now in Russia foreign trade activities. However head FTS Andrey Beljaninov is assured that the most part of these legal persons are firms - a something ephemeral, and active participants of foreign trade activities - only 25 % of legal persons