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Discharge management

When the employer gets rid of the employee, it is stress for both. Reduce it soft dismissal can. eks - the worker not begins to abuse the former company if leaving from it is presented to the best advantage. Specially employed advisers will explain it that on a labour market the sea of possibilities for such valuable shot.
it is better on - good
the Dismissed person is an important source of the information on the company for all market, - Pavel Bezruchko, the general director of the company " speaks; EKOPSI Consulting . - it is rough, incorrectly dismissed employee even if will not go to court will tell everything as it is unfair with it have managed . However, at employers it is a lot of ways to leave and with bad the employee on - kind, without having done much harm own HR - to a brand. Also has put, of course, not only in accurate observance of the Labour code.

the Soft dismissal named also autplejsment (outplacement), is a cancellation of the labour contract between the enterprise and the worker, providing attraction of the foreign organisations for rendering to interested persons of the help at employment. It is clear that to bribe takers and simply to rowdies it is not necessary to count on similar gestures of good will: with the help autplejsmenta the companies, as a rule, leave the employees dismissed according to plan . Merges and absorption, business re-structuring, optimisation of number of the personnel at a company exit on the international markets of the capital or simply bad economic indicators can become the reasons of such dismissals. Happens, however, that the company in such a way leaves the employee as a whole quite good, but, say, psychologically incompatible with the new head. Advisers of company Adecco and at all distinguish two kinds autplejsmenta: besides the compelled reduction Good workers it and dismissal bad - but so that they have never guessed that is the initiative of the employer.

to the employer attraction of the third parties (in most cases advisers rekrutingovoj the companies) allows to lower pressure in collective, and to the dismissed employee - to exhaust negative emotions and to orient on a labour market. Aspiration of the employer to leave the employee on - chelovecheski can speak not only attempt to minimise risk of information leakage (if, for example, it is a question about a top - the manager who leaves to competitors), but also as a whole care about were and even present employees: practice of such dismissals can raise their loyalty of the company considerably.

value autplejsmenta does not need to be overestimated: as a rule, about the guaranteed employment speech does not go, yes the worker and does not demand it. Enough happens psychological support and consultation. rekrutingovye the companies for these purposes involve some kouchej (in transfer coaching means to edify to inspire ) Which during several sessions allow dismissed not only to be uttered and calm down, but also to build the accurate plan of action on career development in the future. Feature kouchinga that ideas and decisions from the outside are not imposed to the person: the trainer helps him to reveal the priorities, supports in drawing up of the concrete plan. The problem koucha - to enter with dismissed in contact, to cause trust and razgovorit the person. The result can appear rather unexpected.

tells Vita Kuznetsova, kouch the companies VM the Course : As - that to me was necessary to communicate with the girl who worked logistom in the company - the dealer of autospare parts. In the company have put new ERP - system in which it was not entered. As a result it had the strongest nervous breakdown, the management has offered it a training for a new profession, but be trained it also could not. When we have started to work with it, she could not speak about it at all. Gradually it came to the senses, and I have simply asked it to tell, than always it was pleasant to it and it would be desirable to be engaged. It has appeared that it was given by enormous pleasure to potter with the younger little sister. But never before to it came to mind to make dialogue with children the trade, as by training it the mathematician. We have discussed with it such possibility, and after a while it was arranged in a private kindergarten to understand, how there all works. Then has found investors and has organised the business .

As a rule, work in an individual mode with kouchem - service for dismissed heads of the higher and average link. Felix Kugel, the vice-president and the operating director for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan companies Manpower CIS LLC, marks: The above the post, the is less at the person a choice - the higher posts not so much. And for each level the preparation, profound understanding both psychological, and a professional portrait of the person is required. Having fulfilled many years in the company, to enter the market not so it is simple, and we should give possibility to the person to feel confident this situation .

For working specialities, of course, such individual consultation is represented to the employer unfairly expensive service: to workers of the lowest link will be enough general seminar and small interview with the adviser rekrutingovoj the companies. Yury Efrosinin, the commercial director Kelly Services CIS the Central Russia tells: the Program in a classical kind can consist of a seminar, where participants learn how to pass interview, competently to make the resume and the covering letter, to build job search. The program includes individual consultation on a labour market that helps the employee to be defined with a choice of the company, vacancy if there is such necessity. Further the list of the companies which are interesting to the employee where its resume goes is defined. It is necessary to notice that the agency offers not only the vacancies opened at present, but also directs the resume to the companies interesting the candidate even if now there there are no open vacancies .

it is better gradually
the Major principle of soft dismissal: it should not become for the employee a surprise. to avoid shock from dismissal, with the person regularly, once a month, it is necessary to talk, discuss problems and ways of their elimination, and also successes and achievements, - Pavel Bezruchko from " speaks; EKOPSI Consulting . - If to follow such principle, people agree with dismissal, it does not bear in itself dramatic nature .

Victoria Petuhova, the head of projects HR - company IBS practice, informs: Sometimes external advisers are involved for working out of such motivational schemes which would encourage natural turnover of staff. For example, payment (its size depends on the work experience at the enterprise) if at approach of pension age he retires is offered to workers edinorazovaja. If the employee continues to work, the size of this single payment annually (quarterly and etc.) It is reduced, and as a result after certain time it in general loses the right to its reception .

Such scheme is often actual for the industrial companies organised still in Soviet period. In their staff there is a great number of employees pension or prepension age which have got used to work in the old manner. For attraction of young experts it is necessary or to create new workplaces that is not always economically justified, or to release the existing. In such cases advisers develop schemes of stimulation which encourage employees of pension age not to continue work, and to retire, receiving a certain compensatory package. Similar schemes can be thought over for different categories of the personnel depending on a situation in which there is an enterprise. Skilful operating by them allows to mask a policy of reduction of shots under the pretext of their natural fluidity. It is for this purpose good to increase, for example, a share of a variable part in payment. We will tell, if earlier the income of the employee on 80 % consisted of a constant component and on 20 % from a variable at transition to payment under the scheme 30/ 70 it is possible to be assured that the part of employees will leave.

however, according to advisers, it is not necessary to be fond of working out of such schemes: they need careful check, on the one hand, not to break the right of the worker, and with another - not to provoke outflow from the company of the most valuable employees.

to number of the methods, called to lower negative consequences of dismissal, according to Pavel Bezruchko, target interview and even community creation " concern; graduates the companies. Advisers recommend to spend target interview and in the event that the person leaves at own will: interview and to it will do good, and to the company gives the invaluable information on why employees leave.

it is better money
Support of dismissed employees - service, widespread in the West. At us in the country it has been claimed by the international companies in epicritic 1998 - 2000. Now, on responses of advisers rekrutingovyh agencies, whose arsenal includes, in particular, service autplejsmenta, orders for it arrive the single more often. According to Johns`s Hatch, the partner, the head of departments of information technology and telecommunications rekrutingovoj companies Antal International Russia, from the Russian companies to it it was not necessary to face similar inquiries. In Russia the companies only extend - he explains. Obviously, new coil of demand for service autplejsmenta it is necessary to wait in process of saturation of the various markets and competition strengthening. Recently with inquiry about service autplejsmenta to us has addressed large American FMCG - the company which in connection with bad results has decided to reduce a top - managers worldwide - notices the Hatch Johns.

references from the companies - employers now have dot character. For example, last year such orders at us was no more than five - six - Pavel Ishanov, operating partner RKKA agrees. The senior manager of consulting group KONSORT Alisa Efremova explains that separate orders on autplejsment periodically appear and from the Russian companies of financial sphere - banks and the insurance organisations.

services rekruterov are paid by the company - the employer, thus cost autplejsmenta depends and on what employees of level it is necessary to dismiss the companies, how much mass the order is expected, whether will be involved kouch, or all will be made by forces rekruterov. Then also average cost of service in recalculation on one person can vary from 4,5 thousand rbl. to $500 and above. According to advisers of company Adecco, an obvious sign of that autplejsment can be used, presence of progressively conceiving command a top - managers, and also a good financial condition of the company is. However, in most cases the companies choose not the complex approach, but only elements autplejsmenta.

However, autplejsment not a unique way for the company to keep at least a patched-up peace with the dismissed personnel. One more way widely applied by the companies, so far as concerns reduction of the linear personnel, - additional training and the further training for a new profession of the employee with transfer into other post or in other structural division of the company. So, for example, arrive with employees of working specialities in Rusale . However, on such internal transfer they can and disagree, the blessing of offers on a labour market now is enough.

Many companies instead of the organisation of various trainings for candidates on a departure prefer to pay simply to reduced employees the sums exceeding the size established by the legislation of the severance pay. So, for example, have arrived with the workers who have fallen under mass lay-offs in Svyazinvest .

Rekrutery and experts of the consulting companies notice that managers of the higher and average link no means always agree on own employment by another`s forces even if it is forces of professionals from the best rekrutingovyh the companies. The case when ` Oreal the company has offered one of managers L service autplejsmenta or its equivalent in money terms in a makeweight to a paid compensatory package is known. He has chosen money.