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Young capitals

It is said that young men and girls dream today of career of officials and politicians, instead of about own business. Say also that middle age of the Russian businessmen is steadily displaced from 35 - 40 to 45 - to 54 years, and the quantity of businessmen is elderly till 30 years is reduced. About it there was a special research of fund of support of small business Odds . Nevertheless we have decided to collect stories present 20 - summer Russian businessmen who have independently achieved successes in business or as we hope, will achieve them in the near future.
the financier
Grigory Karpovsky , year of birth 1979, formation - economic faculty of the Moscow State University.

the company: evrokommerts the leader of the market faktoringovyh services, representation in 55 regions of Russia, net profit for 2007 - $90 million

K: the First my work - sale White technicians. Within several months has served to a supervising position. Has gone on training to Europe and there has found out that there are people who in this post work as tens years! This opening also has induced to create own business. In the middle of 2000 has started to think of a possible niche strenuously. As I finished chair the Finance and the credit well imagined, what financial services are claimed in the world and what at that point in time was not in Russia. There was no such service, as faktoring. It has turned out ridiculously: I have come to the future partner, the person well-known in the financial markets, with this offer, and he has informed that too for a long time of it thinks.

It is considered that young men can start to do something in serious area, only having communications. Anything similar, I can tell. I wrote letters to the largest European companies which are engaged in this service, and heads of divisions or the first persons met me to impart experience. Money then was necessary. We have written out from a directory hundred largest financial companies with names of the first persons. Also rang round them. Where - that a quarter us have met. Yes, the majority - to look at impudent persons or to offer work. But from these people just also there was one which has agreed to give us the first credit.

at the beginning proprietors of the company was four, and shares at us were equal. In 2006 the company turn has exceeded 66 mlrd roubles. To develop further, more solid capital was necessary to us. In us has become interested the Three Dialogue and the transaction - in structure of shareholders of the company " in the spring has taken place; evrokommerts have entered Troika Capital Partners and fund Russia New Growth Fund. This transaction - huge good luck. In - the first, now we have $380 million own capital. And in - the second, the best, I think, in the market examination. Today there is no such tool fondirovanija which we would not use - up to financing from the countries of east world... It, of course, absolutely other level, at the international economic forums I can communicate with representatives of the largest corporations of the world as equals. Here recently talked in Singapore to one businessman from London. He, when has learnt, how many to me of years, has cried: Well why I was not born in Russia! I too have a sensation that in other country of anything such that has turned out here, at me it would not turn out.

Mobile sellers
Alexey Krylovsky , year of birth 1984, formation - REA a name of Plehanova, VSHE.

Ilya Sinelnikov , year of birth 1985, formation - REA a name of Plehanova.

the Company: Lexil.

And. K: To tell the truth, after the termination of university at us even thoughts were not to go to work in another`s companies. We have started to prepare at once the project. And not simply project, and the unique media project. Already it is possible to tell, because already in the end of March all will earn. It is a question of scale network Bluetooth. To begin with in Moscow and St.-Petersburg will appear an order of 5 thousand points of our presence - we have created technology of program of mobile messages on mobile devices on Bluetooth. By means of this working out all active users Bluetooth will receive the individual is information - entertaining messages depending on a place of presence of clients. For example, if the visitor is in cafe, to it will send news and jokes. If at cinema, the poster and a video trailer comes. In messages advertising blocks, of course, with their help the project will be placed and will earn. Experts have already calculated potential loyalty of our audience. Figures very optimistical: every third user of phone with Bluetooth - ours.

And. S: As we have received money for the project? We can tell it. We can not tell only from whom, it is the commercial information. But it is the company - the leader in the branch and enters into the Top - 100 largest Russian companies. Certainly, we tried to involve communications. But, in - the first, not so - that they at us were, and in - the second, it was a question about $16 million Agree, that such money to receive on nonsense, it is necessary to be the son of the oligarch, instead of the acquaintance of its employee. And it not about us.

yes, the schoolmate whom the top - the manager works for it has helped to organise a meeting with our shareholder. But to ask schoolmates is there was not a unique way. We worked with social networks. Perhaps, it is ridiculous, but it works, be assured. We wrote in Moikrug unfamiliar, but to the people necessary to us, and they often enough responded. Now we any more do not ask from them money, and we work as partners.

a visual analyzer
Ilya Varlamov , year of birth 1984, formation - MARHI.

the Company: a group of companies iCube - the leader in the market of computer visualisation, an annual turnover - $3 million

And. V: the Main thing is, of course, laziness. At first to me was laziness to do the diploma. And I have collected architectural studio that it did it. It seems that I have organising abilities. Here they did, did - and became known enough. In this area, of course, it is necessary 20 to work years that the leader to become, but for two years there too have not bad worked, others for five years of the such achieve. And in 2000 there was other company which was engaged in computer visualisation. And it became the largest in Russia. And then to me in general began to work laziness. And I have constructed such vertical of the power to spend for work of no more than 20 % of time. So now also I live. Travel, sports are basically, work - on a minimum. Well, public work still. Have bought the company which is engaged in computer graphics. This direction unprofitable, I as public work consider it. Still the award have founded in the field of computer graphics, we help the kiddies keen on this business. I think, in the near future welfare fund we will create, that to children to help. Only it is necessary to find sponsors - - that we yet such abrupt that charity to be engaged.

advertising on cards
Denis Gursky , year of birth 1976, formation - MAMI (has thrown after a third year).

Maria Kanunnikova , year of birth 1979, formation - MGPU Lenin`s name.

the company: Fly Cards - the leader of the market of advertising cards, an annual turnover - $6 million

D. G: I am not engaged two years in an operational administration. At me the child was born, and I live in Prague, I raise it. Well, so I also planned all, that when there will be children, not to distract any more from them. Because children it is important, and all the rest - not so. Has created the company, it works, the profit makes, there all is fine. In this plan Prague and became casual only what to raise the child it is necessary one. I did not think to leave, it has simply appeared that in my situation so is easier.

the first my company was called Job Flora, she was engaged in gardening of offices, I have registered it in 19 years. There was then an idea to do advertising cards to place them on racks in clubs, bars and restaurants. Idea has peeped in the West. In three years after creation the company had a turn $1,5 million So the idea sensible was, but before I have carried out it, the people dividing my enthusiasm, were not.

M. K: In the company I started to work as the simple employee, and now I the partner. My life now all is subordinated to business. Even at night it is acted in film new projects. At us after all very roughly now develop spetsproekty. We place static forms in high schools, in fitness - clubs. As we have proved as the company which works with non-standard forms of advertising, to us address. Besides staff has grown. When I became the director, staff was twice less, and now 100 persons already. It is a lot of divisions, and heads all young - 23 - 24 years, it is necessary to explain much. But I cannot without this life any more. One day suffices me to be restored, and week of rest is already penal servitude for me.

the seller of viruses
Ekaterina Tikhonov , year of birth 1988, formation - Moscow State University journalism faculty, a third year.

the company: WOM - one of leaders of the market of virus and guerrilla marketing.

E. M: I have registered own company only several months ago. But in this market with the command I work for a long time, and, I think, exaggeration will not tell that I on it the best. I with the command realised actions on advancement of shops the Duck-bill films the Twist of fate - 2 hitmen the Vice Flooding the Stranger against the Predator the Kiss not for the press and also iPhone, the companies Integrum Rajffajzenbanka, bank TSerih a site weborama. ru. And I started to work as the usual editor in magazine your leisure and against a trade of advertisers was prejudiced. I had a blog in LiveJournal, popular enough. And to me began to address with requests for carrying out of campaigns of virus marketing. The first campaign - just advertising Axe - has given growth of sales on 126 %. Then me have invited to work in agency. And a year later I have understood that my command (there were 15 persons, now more) is ready to work independently. Now we extend viruses both in online, and in oflajne. It is very specific activity, and all of us very specific people. Very few people suits this trade. I suit. Now I am completely shipped in this business. Private life - a zero. My idols are virus carriers. Them still name chihateljami. These are those whom it is possible to infect with a virus and who carries it further. Study... By a residual principle. But there is a hope that with study all will be good. My faculty has ordered to me work. The journalism faculty has one project needing promotion, and me have asked to make virus crops. I have, of course, agreed - free of charge.

the developer of sites
Michael Tokovinin , year of birth 1981, formation - MADI.

the Company: QSoft - the leader of the market of working out of sites on the basis of CMS (a control system of a content) Bitriks a turn - about $2 million a year.

M. T: When - that I started to work as the head of a small retail network. Here it is really difficult - to go for the young man in a suit to officials, to meet these amazed looks - like as go to a sandbox, the kid . And I began to think of business which approaches me more. Now the competition among developers of sites very rigid, all youth is engaged in it. I considered the niche during half a year, but eventually as practice shows, have found. At first worked in a minus, but very much tried to do qualitatively. Year it was very difficult. And contracts from " have then come; Eldorado the several Internet - shops - also became easier.

though, of course, complexities in bulk. It was difficult to pass an organizational boundary in 10 persons, then in 20, then in 30... All of us time call on seminars, where promise to explain how to build the company, but I as - that do not believe that there something useful will tell. Here I read books. But there too do not write, how programmers to operate. Now in the company 50 persons work. All or is younger than my age. So is easier, I though understand that at these people in a head occurs. Young - they dream about something, something want, it is possible to motivate them. And than to motivate people with families which for 30, I will not put mind. Though now there are adult people in the company. It is a lot of us already, it was necessary to take the expert on HR, it is adult 30 - the summer girl. Now here it is necessary to search for the director for the finance. Too a problem - I never before directors for the finance employed.

the shoemaker
Nikita Shavelzon , year of birth 1983, formation - MUSPb, a third year.

the company: Shavelzon Shoes.

N. SH: So it has turned out what to work to me it was necessary from 14 years, and I have got the first company, when to me yet was not 16. Under the law at this age to be engaged in business still it is impossible, so it was necessary to make out it on other person. At first I was engaged in book retail. Namely notes. I have ended music school and I know, what quantity of notes is necessary for training only on one tool, and their tens. So the market is enough big. The matter is that it is a lot of manufacturers of notes, and all deliver them in shops one by one. And at all all can capture a considerable quantity of points of sales, if publishing house poor. As a result in shops only with notes the whole staff of commodity researchers which stamp waybills packs works. I have built a network of contacts, in a warehouse at me was constant to 20 thousand positions of musical production, and it is all it was very convenient. Certainly, it only in words simply sounds. Actually, when 16 - the summer person comes to agree with the director of publishing house or shop, only the very few are capable to penetrate that he offers. Probably, the age has played in this history a fatal role as when the network has been built up also business became attractive, from this chain me have thrown out.

after that I have understood what to trade in another`s production I do not want. In 2000 I have created own publishing house the Golden Fleece . First of all I have printed a diary for music school. Before such diaries was not, and they have gone on hurrah. Now the publishing house makes 50 names, develops quite normally. But I am now occupied by another. Once occasionally I have sewed to myself boots at the master working in legendary experimental shoe shop at GUMe, this shop sewed footwear for members of the Central Committee and movie stars. I should tell that when the person puts on for the first time specially for it the sewed footwear, it of anything else will never carry. That shop has collapsed for a long time, and I have thought that it should be revived. I have constructed new shop, have ordered machine tools, have collected skeleton of an old command. And since autumn of last year we have started to work. Already we do 30 steams a month - for a beginner of studio it absolutely not bad, considering that pair floor price - $1,3 thousand roubles, and any exotic boots from a skin of a crocodile stand about $3 thousand But we below the market, meanwhile involve clients. In the future I am going to make also factory of ready footwear. On it it is necessary nearby 1 million, and if now the studio does 100 - 150 steams a month, this money at me will be. Basically offers on individual tailoring of footwear in the Russian market are. But almost all say that take a measure here, and sew in Italy. And I fairly inform that local masters sew. And quality of my footwear is not worse, than the best Italian.

Bill Gates`s friends
Stanislav Vonog , year of birth 1983, formation - MFTI.

the Company: Musigy Inc.

In 2004 four students MFTI - Stanislav Vonog, Nikolay Surin, Alexander Popov and Ruslan Gilfanov - have started to work over the program with which help musicians from the different countries could play through the Internet, seeing and hearing each other without a time lag. In 2005 this project has won Iokogame at competition Imagine Cup. With this program they have won competition of student`s projects Microsoft Imagine Cup. In competition developers have received $25 thousand which they have spent for a trip to a Silicon Valley For a victory. Students have addressed with presentation of the product to funds DFG, Mayfield, Red Point Ventures, Blue Run. These funds of money not distances, but the trip has all the same paid off with interest. There they have met the first investor - business - an angel and the same graduate MFTI Vladislav Kuznetsova. Together with others business - angels it has enclosed in technology about $100 thousand On this money in Silicone Dolgope (the conditional name of native land MFTI - Dolgoprudnogo) has been created company Musigy. He has helped to develop the plan of the further development of the company which has been presented Bill Gates during its arrival to Moscow on November, 7th, 2006. Gates has approved the plan, but more money has not given.

initial investments, nevertheless, have allowed to create a site musigy. com - a social network for musicians from every corner of the globe where everyone can spread the records and play with people from other countries. The site has received popularity in December, 2007, when on the channel air Russia the Georgian violoncellist and the Russian balalaika players have played together evenings Situated near Moscow Being everyone in the country and having incorporated through social network Musigy. If the simple space bridge the sound delay would make 1 - 1,5 seconds has been organised, - operating director Musigy Inc speaks. Stanislav Vonog. - And with our technology - 0,06 seconds. So the future for the Internet - concerts . The company yet does not earn, but, as well as other social networks, intends to earn on advertising and dopuslugah. It is supposed that some services of a site will be paid (for example, possibility to play with a considerable quantity of participants, registration of the profile in a network, sending of virtual cards and etc.). The company plans to leave by the end of 2008 on some hundreds thousand registered users.