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the automobile world lives In the beginning of March news from Geneva where the international motor show largest in Europe opens. Russia is considered now hardly probable not most dear market of continent, therefore novelties of Geneva in salons of our autodealers appear precisely in time, that is in the nearest half a year after a premiere on autoshow. Some - in March.
to 600 thousand rbl.
Autovases continues to improve the last child gradually: dealers had a new version Lada Priora in a complete set Lux - with two pillows of safety, prednatjazhiteljami belts, ABS, a full electropackage, heating of forward seats and mirrors. There is such car, in comparison with new foreign cars of not Chinese manufacture, is very cheap - 300 490 rbl.

KIA has updated the younger model And - a class - Picanto , Dimensions have not changed, but at restyling the person Cars has got more puzzled expression, and a silhouette became more roundish. Besides, five variants of colouring of a body and some options were added. New generation Picanto is completed with two engines - volume 1 l (62 l. With.) and 1,1 l (65 l. With.) ; More powerful motor can go together with the automatic machine . The base complete set costs to 309 thousand rbl. and includes heating of back glass, antifog lanterns, a back screen wiper, a pillow of safety of the driver. In version Comfort the chromeplated lattice of a radiator, a tachometre, the central lock, forward and back elektrosteklopodemniki are added, the pillow of safety for the passenger, CD - a receiver, the conditioner - and all it for 359 thousand rbl. the Most expensive version, for 399 thousand rbl., has the engine of 1,1 l and automatic transmission.

after carrying out krash - the test which results have seemed to the Chinese manufacturers satisfactory, in the Russian market has appeared representation a sedan Brilliance M2 (krash - the test of its predecessor Brilliance M1 in Europe has given up as a bad job model export). For working out M2 have involved the companies known for the whole world: Design developed Pininfarina, the chassis with a back multilever suspension bracket - Porsche, and engines by tradition have got from Mitsubishi - volume 1,6 l (100 l. With.) and 1,8 l (136 l. With.) . The car is offered with a five-step mechanical transmission. The base complete set for 455 thousand rbl. includes two pillows of safety, the wheel hydraulic booster, ABS, elektrosteklopodemniki, the conditioner, CD - an audiosystem, antifog headlights. The following complete set, for 485 thousand, differs only more powerful engine. Complete set Deluxe for 499 thousand rbl. is added by lateral pillows of safety, a climate - control; as options - a back parking radar, the hatch with the electric drive and CD/ mp3 system.

in salons Peugeot has appeared a hatchback 308 which will replace subsequently old 307 - j. While both models are on sale. New With - the class from Peugeot has much more aggressive appearance, quite in the spirit of new model 207, but other changes are insignificant. The car traditionally hardly is more than predecessor also is more spacious, though and more low on 12 mm, the space theme became a basis for interior working out. As well as it is necessary to novelties from eminent manufacturers, 308 - I have received 5 stars on tests EuroNCAP. Peugeot 308 is offered to the Russian buyers with two engines of joint working out of BMW and Peugeot concern PSA - Citroen: 1,6 - litre capacity of 120 l. With., or turbirovannym the same volume, but 150 forces developing already. In addition to the motor it is possible to choose five-step to the mechanic or four-stage the automatic machine . The conditioner, two pillows of safety, the onboard computer, lobbies enter Into a base complete set of the car (498 thousand rbl.) elektrosteklopodemniki, CD - an audiosystem ABS. In complete set Premium lateral pillows of safety, antifog headlights, dvuhzonnyj a climate - control, back elektrosteklopodemniki and a multipurpose armrest are added. Such version costs from 524 thousand rbl. And the most expensive (from 578 thousand rbl.) Assumes presence of lobbies shtorok safety, a washer of headlights, a sensor control of a rain, a transparent panoramic roof, illumination of thresholds, cast disks. It is possible to receive a pillow of protection of knees of the driver for an additional payment, shtorki safety for back passengers.

in Kaliningrad assemblage of the three-door version of the hatchback fallen in love to Russians KIA pro cee`d has begun. trehdverka it has turned out much more dynamical and sports, than five-door updating, moreover and is longer on 15 mm (result - 4250 mm). But the height on 30 mm is less. Motors two - 1,6 l (122 l. With.) and 2 l (143 l. With.) . The prices begin with 528 thousand rbl. for the car with less powerful motor, the conditioner, ABS, lobbies elektrosteklopodemnikami and CD - a receiver. For 554 800 rbl. the car with the same engine, but about a climate - control, the onboard computer and a full electropackage is offered. Versions with the two-litre motor essentially are more expensive - from 624 thousand rbl., truth, we will receive the car for this money with the automatic machine heating of seats, a climate - control and if we will lay out 637 900 rbl. it is necessary to us also the hatch with the electric drive, lateral shtorki safety and management music on a wheel. In addition for a three-door hatchback it is possible to order sports - a package (Sport Pack): more rigid suspension bracket, 17 - inch wheel disks with tyre covers of dimension 225/ 45 and the updated furnish of salon.

to 1,2 million rbl.
Ford has started to accept orders for a compact crossover Ford Kuga on the basis of Ford Focus, for the first time shown in serial execution on a present motor show in Geneva. European parketnik with not ordinary appearance executed by rules kinetic design moreover at the price of the Korean analogues has every chance to become the new best seller. The car is larger, than its basic competitor - Nissan Qashkai. The prices on Kuga begin with 880 thousand rbl. in complete set Trend (the version with ABS, ESP, the conditioner, antifog headlights, face-to-face and lateral pillows of safety) and from 960 thousand rbl. in complete set Titanium (in addition dvuhzonnyj a climate - control, cruise - control, blue toning of the glasses, the combined upholstery of salon). To begin with to Russia cars only with a two-litre turbodiesel capacity of 136 l will be delivered. With. And six-step mechanics And also with system of an intellectual full drive. The petrol two-litre engine capacity of 150 l. With. Will offer buyers later. Usually manufacturers arrive on the contrary.

In salons of dealers soon will appear Audi A4 new, fourth generation. The car has thoroughly changed, but on - former is recognised. The running gear is processed, there was new sports, but as the manufacturer assures, a comfortable suspension bracket. On A4 also the system of maintenance of course stability of last generation ESP 8 for the first time is presented. In assortment of engines five positions, a capacity range - from 143 l. With. To 265 l. With., variants of transmission three. On all-wheel drive versions now establish not banal six-step the automatic machine and variator Multitronic. However, with all improvements the car is much less accessible, besides the weakest motor (130 l. With.) On Audi A4 any more do not put. The car in a base complete set with six-step mechanics the climate - control, CD - a receiver, heating of forward seats, legkosplavnymi wheels and the rain gauge costs 1 081 500 rbl. While in Russia front-wheel versions with engines 1 are offered only. 8 TFSI capacity of 160 l. With.

BMW has decided to increase numbers of owners of the models at the expense of admirers of mark to whom till now the happiness of possession to brand new BMWs was inaccessible for material reasons. From March till June in salons of dealers will be accessible three - and five-door BMW 116iA Limited Edition for 644 400 rbl. is almost on 100 thousand rbl. less price of the cheapest at the moment serial Bavarian copecks . Release is limited by a series of 1000 pieces, therefore novelties will get not all to interested persons. Unlike usual versions of model, BMWs 116iA Limited Edition are delivered in the fixed complete set. Cars are equipped six-step AKPP, system of dynamic control of stability (DSC), 16 - inch steel disks, the conditioner and electric steklopodemnikami. Three variants of colouring of a body - white, black are accessible only, red (and it not a metallic), the salon is upholstered by a fabric Elektra .

From the beginning of spring in Russia the model Honda Accord Mugen is on sale. the Offer is limited - no more than 1000 cars. Mugen Motorsports - the Japanese company which in the union from Honda already more than 20 years are engaged in sports completion of models of this mark and exposes them at competitions, for example in the Japanese championship of series Super GT. In Russia the car with tuning Mugen has officially appeared for the first time. Essentially Accord has not changed, but has got very sports, malicious, though also the extremely impractical in the Russian road conditions a kind. Among new elements - a spoiler on the luggage carrier cover, a new lattice of a radiator with emblem Mugen, skirts of a forward and back bumper, the complete set of sports overlays on thresholds and exclusive colouring of a body. Such tuning complete set is offered from Honda Accord in complete sets 2. 0 Sport and 2. 4 Type S both with mechanical, and with an automatic transmission. The car price, according to dealers, will make from 929 thousand rbl.

From 1,2 million rbl.
In the end of February in the New Arena in a big way has passed the prime minister business - a sedan Jaguar XF . Jaguar in representation of the inhabitant is, of course, first of all luxury, however the manufacturer underlines sports character of the car. According to last fashionable tendencies four-door XF looks as a compartment, being thus a comfortable sedan. Salon, as well as it is necessary to the car of this mark, it is made on six stars (it would be desirable to mention internal illumination, Creating quiet mood ). The automatic box which is put on all versions XF, is supplied by Jaguar Drive Selector system - the rotary switch of transfers first in the history of car industry. This decision has allowed to organise most rationally space in car salon: it is necessary to press the button of start of the engine, the selector of operating modes of a box rises to the driver, and the mode choice is carried out by turn rychazhka fingers. In Russia of Jaguar XF it is accessible with three petrol engines on a choice: 3,0 l/ 240 l. With. (1 865 000 rbl.), 4,2 l/ 300 l. With. (2 549 000 rbl.) and 4,2 l with a supercharger/ 420 l. With. (3 130 000 rbl.).

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