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Corporate share

According to the research spent by the company “ the Pragmatist the Express train “ in 2003 of sale office and a stationery in segment B2B have grown on the average on 30 %. Thus participants of the market fix strong displacement of sales towards corporate service. It means that the basic piece of a pie will get to those players who can adjust long-term relations with the clients.

the majority of players estimate the market office and a stationery in $250 million, but there are also more courageous estimations. And the considerable part of a turn is necessary on sales of the goods not to ordinary consumers, and the companies. Only according to official figures Goskomstat, last year the requirement in office kantstovarah at the companies was estimated approximately in $133 million

Some researchers prefer not to define market volume, and to calculate consumption kantstovarov at the rate on one employee. According to the company “ The pragmatist the Express train “ expenses on each employee average today $5,65 a month. Experts explain growth of expenses on acquisition of writing and office goods not only improvement of a financial position of many companies, but also change of their relation to the goods for office.

“ Results of our research show that along with the price and the quality traditionally influencing the decision of clients, the increasing value is got by the factors connected with additional service, - the manager on company marketing „the Pragmatist the Express train” Inna Dunaev speaks. - the Considerable part of our clients puts on the first place such factors, as the assortment width, the convenient catalogue, quality of service and efficiency of delivery “.

So, according to research, the majority of the companies the goods for office prefer to buy, a paper and a stationery with delivery in office: 65 % interrogated prefer to do orders under the catalogue, 15 % - to buy in specialised shops with delivery, 9 % in the Internet - shops with delivery. The companies buying the goods for office “ shipment at own expense “ it has appeared much less: 6 % of participants of poll shop in specialised shops, 4 % follow kantstovarami in hypermarkets or shops cash & carry, 1 % - on the markets.

This data in general corresponds to an estimation given by group “ Comcon “. Analysts “ Comcon “ have found out that 66 % of consumers prefer to buy office accessories in specialised shops kantstovarov (network type “ Komus “) 25 % shop in other large wholesale shops (such as “ the Underground “ and “ Ashan “) 15 % choose bookshops, 10 % - in unspecialized retail shops. The remained 6 % have specified that buy kantstovary “ in other places “.

From these researches it is possible to draw a conclusion that in struggle for the buyer the one who can force to make quickly of him the decision on purchase will win. “ marketing researches show that the decision at purchase kantstovarov is accepted directly on a purchase place, that is in retail shop or at prolistyvanii the catalogue. Therefore that there is is bought and presented most advantageously, interesting, cheaply, - tells marketing - the manager of a battalion „the Regent - Office” Anastas Kozhevnikova. - it is absolutely unreal, that the end user kantstovarov patiently visited all retail shops of a city, and then would return to certain shop and has bought that has considered as the best “.

As she said, the basic tendency in the market of sales kantstovarov is a displacement towards corporate service. It means that the client wants to have the adjusted relations with the seller who knows about all its writing needs. Usually the client comes to the seller (or the seller to the client) under the established schedule - once a quarter, once a month or even once a week, and the seller prepares the stipulated or standard set for its arrival. Thus, under the information “ the Regent - Office “ the minimum of 80 % of sales is necessary on purchase through catalogues. “ when purchase is conducted through the catalogue the choice is limited to two - three catalogues which are available at the given office, - tells Anastas Kozhevnikova. - For this reason the companies which are engaged in service of corporate clients, aspire to that their catalogue was in the maximum quantity of offices on all country “.

Thus defining criterion of a choice of the supplier, according to researchers from “ the Pragmatist the Express train “ on - former the prices for the goods are. This factor named 17 % interrogated. Then such criterion, as quality of the goods follows. It have declared 14 % of respondents. 13 % named the defining factor assortment width. The convenient catalogue, quality of service, efficiency of delivery of the goods and other factors of service - have noted on 10 % taken part in research.

Lifting of interest of corporate clients has caused of structural changes at the companies - participants of the market. For example, in the company “ the Pragmatist the Express train “ the special department of quality has been created. Actually it is the new analytical department working in a mode online: Corporate clients can transfer to its employees of the remark and the offer, and they develop on their basis of the recommendation about optimisation of assortment and to service improvement of quality. Besides catalogues, the company has started to let out the special monthly bulletin in which tells about novelties of the writing market.