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The antiaward the Full paragraph it is handed over the glamour book

the Main antiaward for worst all in the literature - the Full paragraph - the book of Lena Leninoj " has received; Sexual or How to tempt any man . As the leader of solemn delivery of the award, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper " has declared at ceremony; the Book review Alexander Gavrilov, on the award which is handed over for worst all in the literature had a rest all: proof-readers, editors and authors. Today we hand over this award to Lena Leninoj .
the Antiaward for the worst proof-reading has got to the book of Nile to Gejmana Fragile things and a special prize Honourable bezgramota has got to transfer Documentary history and its leader - to the director of state archive of the literature and art to Tatyana Gorjaevoj. Worst of all translated there was William Gibson`s book The country of phantoms . The award for the worst redakturu has received Casual 2 Oksanas Robski.

it is difficult to search not for books which are badly written and edited, it is difficult to realise that in spite of the fact that on covers there are loud names, books remain bad - Alexander Gavrilov has underlined. Why publishers are not afraid to trade in bad books and to depreciate the name, for me remains a riddle - he has added.

any of nominees was not behind the prize. in day when all winners leave on this scene, the award will cease to exist. While they are ashamed to leave behind prizes, means, the award helps people to feel in any image not in the logician of selling, and in the logician of love to the book - Alexander Gavrilov has commented on it.

the Antiaward the Full paragraph was ucherezhdena in 2001 the newspaper the Book review And general management MKVJA. For the first time it has been handed over in the autumn of 2001 at the Moscow international book exhibition - fair. In 2007 the award has got to writer Sergey Minaev, the author of books Duhless and the Media sapiens .