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Anything personal, only technology
it is obvious that strict observance of technological process practically always goes on advantage to business: it is unimportant, whether you collect cars or train developers of these cars. The conveyor that also is good that reduces influence of the human factor to a minimum, generating a monetary stream irrespective of personal features of the executors involved in process. However in perfection the fulfilled scheme not only helps to turn to business, but often simply replaces it. We take, for example, city parkings. More precisely, the people, which these parkings took, - they do not make the concrete goods, demand for their services is not present, and these owners of roadsides have the stable income. Any paradox: we parkovshchiki have created almost ideal technology of extraction there have arrived only from this circumstances that at citizens is means of transportation and necessity sometimes to stop. Works smoothly as for it the algorithm is known, and to us is not present. On same build the business and insurance brokers: no other products, that the insurance companies offer, at them are present and to be as at intermediaries cannot. However the simple knowledge of the specific market and possession of technology allow also to the client tempting conditions to offer, and itself not to offend. Thus responsibility for some doubtful schemes, certainly, is not included into algorithm of their actions.