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To Russia with dislike

the Largest world tourist portal TripAdvisor has published results of poll of 1400 respondents having a wide experience of travel on the world, about with what they see the largest cities of Europe. According to the received data, Moscow was included into two shorts - sheet - cities with the most unfriendly local residents and the most expensive megacities. In the first list the Russian capital has taken the third place, having conceded to Paris and London. In the second rating these cities have exchanged in places, and Moscow has occupied the third step of a pedestal together with Rome, Venice and Oslo. We will notice that the most friendly local residents, according to poll TripAdvisor, live in Dublin, and the cheapest city of Europe had been recognised Prague. Paris became also the most romantic megacity and a city with the best restaurants and shops. London visitors of a tourist portal named a place with the best clubs in Europe and parks and thus the dirtiest megacity of the Old World. The most boring cities respondents recognised Bruxelles, Zurich, Oslo, Warsaw and Zagreb. IVAN - TYAZHLOV