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Burning religious break a set

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Yesterday attack of religious figures to TV channel " has proceeded; 22 . The management of spiritual management of Moslems of the Nizhniy Novgorod region has urged believing to support fellow citizens - Protestants and to address in Rossvjazohrankulturu with complaints to TV channel activity 2x2 . We will remind, on March, 12th heads of Protestant churches of Russia have directed the reference to public prosecutor Yury Chajke with the requirement to close TV channel which, in their opinion, is engaged the latent and obvious propagation of homosexuality and pedophilia, asotsialnogo a way of life, and also numerous defects ( informed on it on March, 12th). Protestants have urged the public prosecutor to forbid for display on television ten cartoon films, in particular cartoon serials the Spiteful boy South park School wars . The TV channel bearing destructive energy, should be deprived the licence - the leader of the Nizhniy Novgorod Moslems of Umar - hazrat Idrisov has declared. Notice what to support fellow citizens - Protestants head of the Nizhniy Novgorod Moslems, where has offered the channel 22 does not broadcast basically, - has declared the director for public relations prof - Media Ekaterina Dolgosheeva. - Then that Protestants and Moslems simply want to remind the Lord of themselves, having used the prevention Rosohrankultury . The discontent with television also the archbishop one of these days has stated Ufa and Sterlitamaksky Nikon. Its anger has fallen on the First channel in particular on programs Good morning and Malakhov + . In its opinion, these programs broadcast orgy, a pseudo science, obscurantism and an occultism .