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China has missed in America of human rights

the Press - the office of state council of the Peoples Republic of China has published yesterday the traditional report About a situation with human rights in the USA for 2007 . This document, as well as in previous years, became the answer to the report gosdepa the USA about human rights in the world, published on Tuesday in which China has undergone to the rigid criticism.
we advise to the American authorities not to position ourselves as body of supervision of observance of human rights all over the world, and to deal with own problems in this area - has declared yesterday a press - the secretary of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tsin of Ghana, representing to journalists the report About a situation with human rights in the USA for 2007 . Enough weighty documents a press - the office of state council of the Peoples Republic of China is taken by a writing of these nine years on end, and publish them right after promulgations of annual reports gosdepa the USA About a situation with human rights in the world .

This year did not become an exception. The report gosdepa for 2007 has been published on Tuesday (see from March, 12th), and among 190 discussed countries Peoples Republics of China a lot of place has been taken away. Though the American diplomats have noted some progress of the Peoples Republic of China in the field of human rights which experts gosdepa have connected with preparation for the Peking Olympic Games, however China by tradition have accused of arrests of legal experts and journalists, restriction of religious freedom in Tibet, tortures and extrajudicial punishments.

usually the authorities of the Peoples Republic of China try, that their answer gosdepu has received wider resonance for what in Beijing arrange representative a press - conferences. However, this time the Chinese officials had not to try especially at all: passing these days in Beijing session vsekitajskogo meetings of national representatives (about its beginning wrote on March, 6th) has provided attention to the report of numerous foreign journalists. Certainly, a feasible mite in its popularisation have brought agency Sinhua and the Chinese central television CCTV - the publication a press - offices was there one of latest news.

attack to Washington begins with the first phrases of the report: As well as in former years, gosdep the USA assorts a situation with human rights in 190 countries of the world, including China, but roughly ignores infringements in the America. Our report urged to show to people of the whole world a true state of affairs . Further authors of the report meet these lacks in work of the American colleagues, throwing out on readers the scrupulous statistics: In the USA crimes occur to force application each 22,2 seconds, murder - each 30,9 minutes, rapes - each 5,7 minutes . As examples of the loudest crimes murders in the American colleges and high schools are resulted.

the Chinese companions give Special attention to a condition of the American correctional facilities. America - the greatest prison in the world - authors of the report conclude. A lot of place is taken away to charge of US authorities in racism, a sexism and murders of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

however the developed criticism of the American political system on an example of presidential election became the main find of the present Chinese report. elections definitively became a toy for rich that testifies to deep crisis of the American democracy. Presidential campaign - 2008, the most expensive in the history, became an obvious sign of degeneration - the Chinese authors ascertain. As a result Beijing calls the USA at last - that courageously to face own problems and to cease to suppress other countries, using double standards .

it is curious that China became the unique country which has given so an irrefragable answer on the criticism of Washington. Russia rigidly scarified gosdepom the USA while to its report has not reacted.