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Shanghai is a holiday, which always with you

Shanghai - one of the largest cities of China. It never-ending interest of tourists to this city speaks. Some travellers name Shanghai Paris of the East, so this city picturesque and many-sided. Here it is possible to find everything that it is necessary for soul: and urbanistichnye towers, both picturesque pagodas, and internal rest, the observer Peter Voronkov marks.
Shanghai today. 8,5 hours of flight - and you in a fairy tale. Though, is not present: still a train on an air cushion, unique in the world, 400 km/ ch. It also delivers you from the airport in the picturesque city of Heavenly Empire most, perhaps. As it only do not name: dream of the fantast Paris of the East . In general, a city which at all will not leave you indifferent. The central Shanghai many-sided and picturesque, bright, contrast. On the one hand, it is up-to-date area Pudun on east to river bank Huanpu, with set of skyscrapers of the most freakish forms. Among them one of the highest buildings of China - a tower Tszin Mao. On the other hand, it is area Pusi on western to river bank Huanpu. Instead of very tall bildingov picturesque small houses - pagodki, hiding in dense greens of trees. Every possible traditional Chinese souvenirs for all tastes and a purse sell here, in the Old city, in a quarter round the Temple of city gods. Here market Fujuj - the biggest in China. And all it as - that is cosy and on - house is equipped. Statues of old gods unperturbably look at other coast. Between the past and future ferries regularly ply.

if you were tired of impressions, in Zale Sanhuej it is possible to find a peace of mind. On one party of a pond with goldfishes a stone hill in height of 12 metres, on another - the pavilion keeping a rain, and the Hall of an ascending dawn. But the best means from stress as Chineses consider, a local cuisine. In the street Nanzhing Lu is traditional Chinese small restaurants from the menu - drawings and photos, the present Chinese tea of the second tea leaves and in the huge portions of delicacies it is not simple a stomach holiday. Shanghai is a holiday which always with you, not casually it name Paris of the East. By the way, flights Aeroflot to Shanghai are carried out daily.

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